Dato: 12. juni 1862
Fra: H.C. Andersen   Til: Richard Bentley
Sprog: engelsk.

Copenhagen June 12, 1862.

My dear Mr. Bentley,

Allow me to introduce to you our excellent painter Mrs Jerichau, the amiable Vlife of Mr. Jerichau, the sculptor, of whom I am sure you have seen many interesting pictures and statues at the London exhibition of art. I have hereby an opportunity of sending you my picture-card and of bidding you farewell, as it is my intention in a few months' time to go to Switzerland and from thence, please God, to Spain where I hope to spend the winter in Granada, Sevilla and Madrid and hope too to bring home with me a new poem. My last tale "The Ice Maiden" is considered one of the best descriptions of Switzerland; here in Denmark it is reckoned among the best of my writings and has already three different editions in Germany. I have sent it to Mrs Bushby and think that it and a few of my later stories will be received in England with as much success as "The Sandhills". My kindest regards, dear friend, to yourself and family.

With all my heart yours sincerely

Hans. Christian Adersen.

To Mr. Richard Bentley

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