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Web service

28 March 2013
People, letters and bibliographies can now be accessed as REST web services. Read more.

More than 10.000 letters

25 June 2012
You can now read more than 10.000 letters in the collection of letters. More than 12.000 are registered, and the project contributes with over 2.500 letters to the amount of Hans Christian Andersen letters printed in books. The project pages are in Danish, but contain quite a few letters in English

Hansen, Per Krogh & Marianne Wolff Lundholt (red.), When We Get to the End...

18 January 2012
Towards a Narratology of the Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen. 2005. Read: online

English bibliography

5 December 2011
Ivy York Möller-Christensens survey of German literature on and by Hans Christian Andersen 1831-50 is online.

Letters in 6 languages other than Danish

Pet Shop Boys

22 July 2010
compose the music for a ballet based on the Andersen story "The Most Incredible Thing". Planned to stage at London's Sadler's Wells Theatre in 2011. Read more at and The Guardian.

New book on Hans Christian Andersen in Lithuanian.

5 January 2010
In Lithuania, Ph.d. Asta Gustaitiene (former scholar at the Hans Christian Andersen Center) has issued: Hansas Christianas Andersenas: Pastangos (at)pazinti (Hans Christian Andersen: Towards the (re)cognition). 312 sider. Vytauto Didziojo Universitetas. Kaunas 2009. ISBN 978-9955-12-486-3.

New Book on Hans Christian Andersen and Italy.

16 December 2009
Sven Hakon Rossel, Do you know the land, where the lemon trees bloom?". Hans Christian Andersen and Italy, 2009. Edizioni Nuova Cultura - Roma.

A Pequena Vendedora de Fósforos

21 September 2009
"The Little Match Girl", shown at the Children's Cinema Festival of Florianópolis, Brazil. Watch it on Youtube.


9 October 2007
Hans Christian Andersen: Between Children's Literature and Adult Literature. University Press of Southern Denmark. 639 Pages. ISBN 978-87-7674-256-0 Buy online

New gallery

29 March 2007
New gallery of drawings made by Kaliningrad school children.

New illustrations

14 December 2006
Mayken González Backlund, a graphic artist from Funen, has created illustrations for some of H.C. Andersen's fairy tales.

New book

23 November 2006
Johan de Mylius: Der er kun én Gud (There is only one God). H.C. Andersen observes islam. 128 pages, kr. 128. University Press of Southern Denmark. ISBN 10: 87-7674-174-5 / ISBN 13: 978877671747. Published December 1st 2006. Publication funded by Aslaug og Carl Friis' trust fund.

New Book

Illustrated Book

Tale-telling mosaic illustrations

Animals appearing in the fairy tales


Quick answers

New books

28 February 2006
Two new books about HCA, modernism and narrative techniques.

HCA web-portal is closing

22 December 2005 in its present form will close down at the end of the year 2005.

Aru haha no monogatari

A.S. Byatt lectures at SDU


Kierkegaard and HCA

17 August 2005
International Research Seminar on Andersen and Kierkegaard. August 16th-19th, 2005, in Copenhagen: Vartov, Farvergade 27, entrance H, 1st floor.

Conference at SDU

1 August 2005
The program for the IV international HCA conference in August is complete, and one may see lists of participants and abstracts of papers to be given.


1 July 2005
HCA articles in German in the periodical Fabula, online in full length. Summaries in German, English and French.

HCA and France

Fairy tale illustrations

Religious motifs

The Mulatto

HCA in modern Danish

2 April 2005
Johan de Mylius has just issued a comprehensive selection of HCA, transcribed into modern Danish and with short introductions. Published by Aschehoug, Copenhagen. 886 pages, Dkr. 299.

HCA and the theatre

200th anniversary

1 April 2005
At midnight on April 2nd, two new galleries opened in the center gallery, with illustrations from Russia and from Chile.

Harold Bloom

Timetable index

Transformation of price

Dervishes in Esperanto

Manuscripts for poems

HCA's travels


HCA and the music

The dying Child

Letter biography completed

2 November 2004
Kirsten Dreyer's comprehensive letter-based Hans Christian Andersen biography has been completed. Read more (in Danish)

Finnish tale titles

6 October 2004
Now there are fairy tale titles in Finnish too.

Typist's errors corrected

17 September 2004
Freelance translator Koen de Troij has corrected some errors in the fairy tale titles in Dutch. Thanks.

The search engine for the bibliographies has been improved

5 August 2004
Search results from the search engine for the bibliographies (Danish) now contain links to the register of works, reviews and conference articles.

Swedish titles corrected

5 August 2004
Yvonne Borghäll has corrected errors in the Swedish fairy tale titles. Thanks.


More conference papers online

The new HCA Museum

7 June 2004
The renewed Hans Christian Andersen Museum was opened on 4 June.

New conference book


Fairy tales online

Fairy tale illustrations


Search engine

5 March 2004
Now there is a search engine for the reviews of HCA!

Hans Christian Andersen's diaries online

Heiberg's review of A journey on foot online

Choose titles with WID

24 September 2003
Now you may choose titles for translation with the work's number (WID).

HCA conferences

Russian titles

New Gallery

24 June 2003
"The Snow Queen" illustrated with watercolour and wax colours by fifth grade at the Rudolf Steiner School in Odense.


16 June 2003
A new subsite, Research, is published. It contains contemporary reviews of HCA and an introduction to other kinds of literary criticism.

Search page

15 June 2003
- in the menu above. Now search all of with Google.

Index of works

New search engine

March 2003
Now you may search the links database.

Titles in 15 Languages

February 2003
The titles of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tales in fifteen languages in an interactive database: Titles Translated

New HCA-portal

22 January 2003 was released 21 January. The Hans Christian Andersen Center has provided the content of the quizzes and timeline in the multimedia part and has in cooperation with Odense City Museums and The Royal Library built up Life & Work on the portal.

New homepage

1 November 2002
  • New content
  • Easier navigation
  • Extended search options
  • Clearer structure
Until 2005 the secretary Hans Christian Andersen 2005 has provided fondings for further development of this site - they also support The Royal Library's and the Hans Christian Andersen Museum's HCA-sites.

The news on this page are primarily about books and scholarship projects, and we do not cover these items fully. If you want a broader selection of news, we recommend searching for the subject on media websites.