From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


HCA's Will

Edvard Collin is noted as residuary legatee. A number of provisions are made for grants (e.g. for a poor and diligent schoolboy in Odense, for The Frederik VII Foundation, also in Odense, and for the Child Welfare Association in Copenhagen) and also for individual recipients of certain items and minor amounts. Clara Heinke had originally been considered in the will, but has been taken out in an addition to it. Anna Bjerring is not mentioned in the will.

The Publishing Rights

to HCA's (up until this point published) works are transferred to Reitzel for a total of 40,000 Dkr. [approx. 2,000,000 Dkr. in 1993 value] of which the first 5,000 Dkr. were paid on 15th January 1876. [HCA's own assets - the "income" from the estate - totalled 56,452 Dkr. at the time of his death, i.e. an amount close to the equivalent of 3,000,000 Dkr. in 1993 value]. After deduction of estate duty, these funds were to be used for grants for female descendants of Jonas Collin, and for the widows of his male descendants. It was decided that the amount in the trust fund must not fall below 20,000 Dkr. A new decision was made in 1950 that the money in the fund be increased to 30,000 Dkr. [approx. 3-400,000 in 1993 value], and the interest be distributed amongst female descendants of Jonas Collin and secondly to those of H.C. Ørsted. In the event that there are no more recipients within this circle, the money is to be transferred to the local authorities in Copenhagen and be distributed to poor Danish poets or musicians.

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