From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


The illness Continues

1873: The illness Continues


Still very weak from the illness.

30 January

At the Casino theatre Ole Lukøie (Wee Willie Winkie) is performed for the 50th time (now in a new production).

January - February

Of the younger poets during this period, HCA reads Ernst von der Recke with scepticism and Thomas Lange with interest. Thomas Lange visits HCA on 23rd February, as he has heard that HCA had enjoyed his latest book, Romantiske Skildringer (Romantic Sketches) while he was ill.

16 February

Receives a visit from Crown Prince Frederik.

23 February

King Christian IX and Prince Valdemar visit HCA, wanting to hear how he is feeling.

26 February

Based on the pain, HCA becomes aware that he probably has some kind of problem with his liver. (His doctor, Theodor Collin, thinks, however, it is "wind in the major intestine" and prescribes a laxative and camomile tea (the diary)).
At this time HCA is otherwise preparing for a journey to Switzerland.

3 March

Reitzel estimates that HCA will have received 4,000 rdl. by the end of the year (the correct amount is 3,000) for the latest collection of fairy-tales. In spite of this, HCA by no means believed that he was well off. On the contrary, he is convinced that he must, as expressed in the diary on 4th:

"continue to live with calculation, in order to get by till the end"

[i.e. must be very economic in order to survive].
Edvard Collin is busy in the following period of time negotiating a favourable deal with Lars Johan Hiertas Bokhandel (Booksellers) in Stockholm. Hierta would like to release a complete Swedish edition of the tales and stories,

"typographically embellished and at a low price".

He offers HCA a fee of 500 rdl.

18 March

HCA now has a new set of dentures fitted, after having lost the last tooth on 19th January. Since then he had been completely without teeth.

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