From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


In this year (presumably in the second half of the year)

Release of Contes Danois traduits pour la première fois par MM. Ernest Grégoire & Louis Moland, illustrés d'après les dessins de M. Yan Dargent. The publishers are Garniers Frères, Paris. Volume II appears in 1875 with an independent title and introduction, the title being Nouveaux Contes Danois. Vol. I includes the later fairy-tales and stories, starting with "Isjomfruen" (The Ice Maiden). Vol. II is a mixture of earlier and later texts.
In the introduction to vol. I, Louis Moland points out that the imagination and the fairy-tales of HCA hide "un sens profond" (a sense of the profound) or "une idée philosophique" (a philosophical point of view) beneath the surface, and that the tales are therefore for both children and adults.
The introduction to vol. I is followed by a presentation of HCA's biography with quotes from Contes de ma vie (i.e. the German autobiography from 1847).
In a letter dated 5th January 1874 to Nicolai Bøgh, HCA writes and comments on the edition that it has been:

"Translated with much feeling; the introduction by Moland is interesting and for me highly flattering. The pictures [...] are distinguished by naturalness and beauty; they are immediately appealing; only my portrait is a failure".

In a letter dated 13th July 1875 to Henriette Collin (in response to vol. II, HCA describes the illustrations as;

"the most beautiful in the world that have ever been given the fairy-tales".

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