From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Journey to Germany and Switzerland

2 April

On his birthday, HCA receives a visit from the crown prince. In the following week, he moves out of his apartment and stays for two days at Hotel Royal, before the trip to Switzerland.

1873: Journey to Germany and Switzerland

11 April

A visit to Amalienborg Castle before the journey. HCA comments on this in a letter (unpublished) dated 23rd April to Mrs Scavenius at Basnæs Estate:

"Their majesties were so exceptionally thoughtful and kind that I did not have to climb the steep stairways, the whole family had gathered on the ground floor, the king, the queen, the crown prince and his wife, their two little children, as well as Princess Thyra and Prince Valdemar. When I left, the king gave me a present; his own travel bag, the one he had used the year before last. And what's more, when I was sitting at home in the evening packing, I was surprised to receive yet another visit from the king, he had wanted to see me once more before my departure; Prince Valdemar and Prince Hans accompanied him. I was deeply moved by the kindness of our noble, dear king".

14 April

Journey to Germany and Switzerland with Nicolai Bøgh. The route taken is Korsør, Fredericia (is greeted with flowers at the station in Odense), Slesvig, Hamburg, Hannover, Kassel, Giessen, Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Offenburg, Basel, Bern (arrival 29th April, receives medical attention from the doctor Professor Henri Dor whilst here).

1st - 4th May

In Vevay.

4th - 11th May

In Vernex.

11th May - 1st June

In Glion. Does not receive medical attention and a therapeutic cure as planned.

1st - 6th June

In Geneva, staying with Jules Jürgensen.

6 June

The trip continues: via Fribourg to Bern (sees the doctor Professor Henri Dor once more). Then on to Interlaken, Giessbach and Luzern to Brunnen.

17th - 27th June

In Brunnen. Outings from here to Flüelen, Altorf and Axelstein.

27 June

On through Rapperswühl, Ragatz (from here an outing to Pfäffers), Chur, Reichenau, Andeer, Splügen, then a side-trip into Italy: Chiavenna, Maloja, Silvaplana, back via St. Moritz, Samaden (from here an outing to the Roseg Glacier), then across the Albula-pass and Bergün to Alveneu, Chur, Rorschach, Lindau, Augsburg and Munich.

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