From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Journey to Germany, Austria and Italy

1872: Journey to Germany, Austria and Italy

Mid January

Receives word that his school friend from the old days in Odense, Counsellor Peter E. Petersen (also attorney) has passed away in Odense. Describes him as he "who my teacher, Velhaven, thought more of than any of us.

"He became, despite a childhood in poverty, a popular man, Chief Constable, although temporarily appointed, who wrote fine occasional poems. After the celebrations for my honorary citizenship in Odense he produced a whole collection of poetry pertaining to this event. He has kept up with my doings more than I with his, I kept my distance, and now I regret not having been more obliging towards him, not having occasionally sent him one of my books. That would have pleased him, but too late now do I think of it. May my greetings to him be conveyed in thought! I do believe he senses it! Believing is bliss!
(the diary, 15th).


Demolition of Gjethuset commences and hence the rebuilding of the Royal Theatre.


HCA hears about the controversy surrounding Georg Brande's lectures.


Receives a statement of his assets from Edvard Collin. HCA has 19,824 rdl.

4 March

Hauch dies in Rome (is buried in the Protestant cemetery there, where also Keats lies buried).

30 March

Release of Eventyr og Historier. Ny Samling (Tales and Stories. New Edition) , including: ("Lykken kan ligge i en Pind" (Luck May Lie in a Pin), "Kometen" (The Comet), "Ugedagene" (The Days Of the Week ), "Solskins-Historier" (Sunshine Stories), "Oldefa'er" (Great-Grand Father), "Hvem var den Lykkeligste?" (Which Was the Happiest?), "Lysene" (The Candles), "Det Utroligste" (The Most Incredible Thing), "Hvad hele Familien sagde" (What the Whole Family Said), "Dandse, dandse Dukke min!" (Dance, Dance, Doll of Mine!), "Spørg Amagermo'er!" (The Carrot Wedding), "Den Store Søslange" (The Great Sea Serpent), "Gartneren og Herskabet" (The Gardener and the Noble Family" [first print]. HCA receives a sum of 850 rdl. for this collection. The booklets cost 48 sk.

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