From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Serious Illness

12 October

Reads "Hvad gamle Johanne fortalte" (What Old Johanne Told) aloud for Georg Brandes, who would like to review his new collection. (It is reviewed by Edvard Brandes).

18 October

The laying of the foundation stone for the Royal Theatre's new building. HCA is upset that the suppliers for the theatre, the writers and composers, have not been offered seats at this festive event,

"hence precisely they are builders of the new temple!"
(the diary, same day)

1872: Serious Illness

November and December

HCA is very ill. The royal family follow his condition closely, frequently sending greetings and making inquiries, and Crown Prince Frederik visits him. HCA is highly unbalanced during this period of time and feels he is on the brink of insanity.

11 November

HCA's assets amount to 21,000 rdl., of which 15,800 are in a bank account. Yearly interest amounts to 765 rdl.

18 November

Meer end Perler og Guld (More Than Pearls and Gold) is staged at the Casino theatre for the 100th time. This is celebrated with a prologue dedicated to HCA, and the prologue "brings the house down". It is printed on the following day in the newspaper Dagens Nyheter. HCA had not felt well enough to go and see the performance, but his doctor, Professor Emil Hornemann, advised him to go along instead of sitting at home and wallowing in self-pity. HCA's young friend William Bloch accompanies him.

23 November

Release of Nye Eventyr og Historier. Tredie Række. Anden Samling (New Tales and Stories. Third Series. Second Installment) including "Hvad gamle Johanne fortalte" (What Old Johanne Told), "Portnøglen" (The Gate Key), "Krøblingen" (The Cripple), "Tante Tandpine" (Aunty Toothache).

24 November

The poem "Drengen og Hundehvalpen" (The Boy and the Puppy) is printed in a magazine for children (Illustreret Børneblad), illustrated with a drawing by Lorenz Frøhlich.


The story "Loppen og Professoren, et Æventyr" (The Flea and the Professor) is printed in a calender (Folkekalender for Danmark for 1873), also illustrated by Lorenz Frøhlich.

9 December

Carl Ploug, poet, politician and editor of the magazine "Fædrelandet" (The Fatherland), delivers a lecture concerning the youth of HCA to the Association of the Non-Commisioned Officers.

24 December

HCA is once more up and about after the period of serious illness. The Melchiors make sure there is a Christmas tree in HCA's apartment in Nyhavn, and they and William Bloch see to it that he has;

"...a lovely Christmas Eve, really, one I had not expected at all"
(the diary).

Across the nation, newspapers have zealously reported on his illness.

27 December

Bournonville's HCA-ballet is taken up once more, in a version shortened to two acts.

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