From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


23rd - 25th July

Goes via Elsinore to Hellebæk, where he visits C.St.A. Bille, editor of Dagbladet until 1872, at his family's new country home. Also visits the Collins' and Carl Bloch.

29 July

To the Henriques at Petershøj.

1st and 2nd August

Visits to the Brandes family. Reads his latest stories on 2nd, e.g.;

"Aunty Toothache" [Tante Tandpine] aloud for Georg and Edvard Brandes, their mother and a couple of guests: everyone found "Aunty Toothache" quite amusing, but all three stories were appealing to the young critics"
(the diary, 2nd).

4 August

According to the diary:

"Went for walks and talked quite a bit with Doctor Georg Brandes yesterday and today, today especially about dreams and visions".

(In the last few years, HCA has frequently described his nightmares in the diaries. They are often nightmarish in character).

5th - 20th August

At Rolighed once more.

7 August

Mrs Friederike Serre dies.

14 August

Visits Anna Bjerring at the home of her uncle in the Vesterbro quarter of Copenhagen.

20th August - 2nd September

At Basnæs Estate.

2 September

Return to Copenhagen. HCA now stays in his rooms at Miss Hallager's lodgings in Nyhavn no. 18. Intermittent short stays here and at Rolighed with the Melchiors.

6 September

On this the 53rd anniversary of his arrival in Copenhagen, HCA goes to Tivoli with Scharff. Here he sees that his bust has been mounted:

"within the line of distinguished Danish Men"
(the diary, same day).

9 September

Sends a bust of himself to his old teacher, Carstens, who now lives on Tåsinge, just south of Funen.

11 September

Grundtvig's funeral service is held at the church named "Vor Frelsers Kirke" (The Church of Our Savior). HCA does not attend the funeral, as he is afraid the crowds will be too much for him. But he sees the funeral procession from the apartment of C.St.A. Bille, who lives in Løngangsstræde, just across from Vartov.

22 September

Nicolai Bøgh brings HCA some newspapers from Assens. The paper contains a serial story: a versified interpretation of The Ugly Duckling (Den Grimme Ælling), rewritten by a 14 year old son of a farmer, "who guarded sheep in the field" (the diary, same day). Subsequently, a merchant named Jacob Moresco sees to it that the boy is placed in a school in Copenhagen (equivalent of a grammar school).

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