From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


I was made of chocolate

7th - 12th April

At Basnæs Estate, before commencing the journey to Germany, Austria and Italy.

12 April

Departure from Basnæs Estate. Meets up with his travelling companion William Bloch in Korsør. Bloch has been invited on the journey as HCA's guest. William Bloch, who at this point is 27 years old, is the younger brother of the painter Carl Bloch. He is a graduate in law and employed by the Ministry of War and later becomes a stage director.
The travelling companions go to Odense first, where HCA shows William Bloch the old places. For instance the place;

"...where he had stood with his mother in the midst of a crowd of people waiting to see Frederik VI, and had exclaimed, as the king stepped out of the coach: 'Oh - it's just an ordinary person!', whereupon his mother had hushed him: 'Are you out of your mind boy!'
(William Bloch: Paa Rejse med H.C. Andersen (Travelling With HCA) . Released posthumously 1942).

This episode from HCA's childhood is very similar to the closing in "The Emperor's New Clothes" and may indeed be the source of inspiration for the story.
The two companions travel via Hamburg, Hannover, Magdeburg, Leipzig and on to Dresden.

20th - 25th April

In Dresden. Sees his old friends, Mrs Serre and Beaulieu, whilst here.

22 April

HCA and William Bloch visit Henrik Ibsen,

"who lives very modestly. He seemed very pleased to see us, but I actually believe he would rather we had not come to visit him at all"
( Paa Rejse med H.C. Andersen).

25 April

On to Prague (staying there from 25th - 27th), then via Brünn to Vienna.

28th April - 4th May

In Vienna.

4 May

On through Linz, Salzburg, Kufstein, Innsbruck, Bozen and into Italy: Riva at Lake Garda, Desenzano, Venice.

5 May

A major demonstration takes place in a park in Copenhagen ("Slaget på Fælleden"). HCA receives a letter from Mrs Melchior on the 8th, in which he learns;

"of the alarming situation [= rioting, rebellion] with the forceful workers' movement at home" (the diary, 8th).

14th - 17th May

In Venice.

17 May

From Venice to Munich, via Verona, Bozen and Innsbruck.

21st - 25th May

In Munich. Here HCA visits his old acquaintance, the physician-in-ordinary for King Max, Franz Xaver von Gietl and his wife.

25 May

Departs Munich, travelling via Augsburg, Nuremberg (26-29th), Hof, Leipzig, Halberstadt, Braunschweig, Haarburg, Hamburg (3-5th June), then Fredericia to Korsør (where the travelling companions go their separate ways, without much regret on HCA's part, although he does like Bloch). HCA continues to Basnæs Estate.

1872: I was made of chocolate

7th - 13th June

At Basnæs.

13 June

Return to Copenhagen. Goes straight to Roligheden, the Melchior home (stays here till 29th July). On the same day, the Nordic Industrial Exhibition is opened. HCA goes to see it on 17th and notes with regret that his bust is not there with those of the other poets, but:

"I was of chocolate, indeed it was possible to chew on me there."
(the diary, same day).

Carsten Hauch's "testamentary" recommendation of Georg Brandes for a professorship is published in the magazine Nyt Maanedsskrift.

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