From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


The Bournonville Ballet

25 July

Travels to Norway, through Sweden: via Elsinore-Helsingborg, then to Jönköping and Göteborg.

28th July - 2nd August

In Göteborg, where he attends, amongst others events, the opening of the agricultural exhibition. While in Göteborg he meets Anna Bjerring, who has arrived with the boat from Frederikshavn. She turns him against her by imposing herself on him with words of reproach.

2 August

On from Götebörg to Karlstad (he is very impressed with this region, which would later become known as a result of the depictions given by Selma Lagerlöf. In the diary, HCA notes; "I feel I am in poetic mood"). Then continues across the Norwegian border, via Kongsvinger, to Christiania (Oslo).

5th - 25th August

In Norway. Is greeted by Bjørnson on arrival at Christiania railway station. Whilst here he lodges at Hotel Victoria. Visits Bjørnson at his country home on several occasions and goes on outings in the region around Christiania.

9 August

Went on excursion to Ringerike. By carriage to Sandvigen, staying the night at Hønefoss, by train past Tyrifjord to Drammen and by ship back to Christiania.

12 August

Accompanies Bjørnson and others on an outing to Sandvigen. They sail over there aboard the steamship 'Louise', "a filthy little ship" (diary, same day). A festive dinner with a great ball is held in the evening, and "Danish, Norwegian and Swedish flags flew" (the diary). The guests overnight there and return to Christiania on the next day.

18 August

A party is held in honour of HCA at the Botanical Gardens. The principle speech of the evening is delivered by Pastor Jørgen Moe, also a publisher of fairy-tales.

22 August

Is invited to the freshmens' reception party, where he is asked to read aloud and is applauded and cheered.

25 August

Departure from Christiania. Takes the same route home as on the way there (receiving a great deal of attention at every Swedish railway station along the way). From Elsinore he pays a short visit to the Collins' in Hellebæk.

31 August

Back in Copenhagen, where he moves in with the Melchiors at Rolighed.

1871: The Bournonville Ballet

9th - 18th September

Staying with the Henriques family at Petershøj in Klampenborg.

18th September - 23rd October

At Rolighed once again.

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