From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


29 April

Moves out of the lodgings in Tordenskjoldsgade, where he had become increasingly dissatisfied (memories from here are included in the story told by the student in "Tante Tandpine" (Aunty Toothache) from 1872). Moves in at the Hotel d'Angleterre, where he pays approximately the same as at the previous lodgings, about 30 rdl. per month. Stays in nr. 65 at first, but is able to have his usual two rooms in nr. 66 a few days later.

7th - 11th May

Staying with Countess Julie (Lilly) Moltke at Espe. Although HCA had previously refused to believe in "the supernatural", during the last few years his interest in such matters had grown. On occasion he had even entertained with ghost stories himself. Here at Espe and also at Basnæs in June, he himself witnesses the appearance of ghosts.

11th May - 6th June

At Basnæs Estate. Goes on an outing from here to Borreby. HCA mentions the haunting at Basnæs in his diary on 6th June:

"Last night at about one am, I woke and heard a knocking at the door; many who have stayed in this room hear this knocking".

6 June

Back in Copenhagen. Stays at Rolighed until 25th July. Here he receives a visit from the Dutch author Johannes Kneppelhout and his family.

17 June

At Rolighed, HCA takes part in the celebration of Moritz and Dorothea Melchior's silver wedding anniversary. Writes a cantata for this occasion, with music by the Swedish composer J. Ad. Hägg, who lives with the Melchiors.

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