From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


15 October

Reads aloud at the Students' Association.

11 November

Release of Lykke-Peer (Lucky Peter) . Receives a total of 1,000 rdl. from this work, paid in 1871.

19 November

Anniversary celebration to mark what would have been Thorvaldsen's 100th birthday:

"In so many aspects of life I felt akin to Thorvaldsen, our poor background, our fight and the great recognition we receive from the world"
(the diary, same day).

4 December

Reads aloud from Tales and Stories for 130 ladies at Nathalie Zahle's Institute.
In the next fews days, HCA's attention is taken up by the fact that Caroline David has left her children and gone to Rome

"to take care of Brandes the writer, who is very ill and for whom she has a very kind heart"
(the diary, 5th).

9 December

Reads aloud for the youngest pupils at Nathalie Zahle's school.

10 December

Release of H.C. Andersens nye Eventyr og Historier. Med Illustrationer efter Originaltegninger af Lorenz Frølich. Første Bind. (Hans Christian Andersen's New Tales and Stories. Illustrated with Original Drawings by Lorenz Frølich. Volume One.) . The two following volumes are released in 1871 and 1874. This collected edition of three volumes, illustrated by Frølich, is a continuation of the edition from 1862-63, consisting of two volumes illustrated by Vilhelm Pedersen. These five volumes in total make up the complete edition in HCA's own life-time of his fairy-tales and stories. From the volume released on this day, HCA earns 1,200 rdl., paid in 1871.

24 December

Spends Christmas Eve alone, after having had dinner at the Henriques'.

31 December

Spends New Years Eve alone, after having had dinner at the Collins'.

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