From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


18 January

Receives from ten Kate a versified translation (Dutch) of the fairy-tales.


HCA's contributions to The Riverside Magazine are translated by Anna Raasløff, daughter of Waldemar Raasløff, the former envoi in Washington. A total of 12 of HCA's little stories are thus released in America before they are available in Denmark.

3 February

Reads aloud at a concert for ladies and gentlemen at the Students' Association.

10 February

Harald Scharff, who HCA had, of late, once again socialized with quite a bit, announces that he is to be engaged to Camilla Pedersen, daughter of the grocer Søren Pedersen.

"I feel this young friend is lost now"
(the diary, same day).

Abandons the idea of taking Scharff with him to Vienna during the up-coming Summer. Suddenly feels cut off from youth and is saddened by the thought of old age.

"I feel very disturbed, quite nervous and have a feeling in my legs as though I were walking on stilts and about to fall"
(the diary, 12th).

19 February

At the university HCA hears Professor Rasmus Nielsen lecture on the fairy-tales.

20 February

Attends the engagement party for Scharff.

Hears on the same day that Caroline David (Georg Brande's lover) has left her husband and is staying with the Collin family for a few days.

HCA later sees her and her children (on 3rd May) at a dinner held by the Collins.

2 March

Reads aloud at The Danish Society.

3 March

Reads aloud at the society 'Det Gode Minde' (The Good Memory) at Vaisenhuset.

7 March

Hears that Clemens Petersen, one of the most prestigious critics, whose reviews of the fairy- tales HCA had read with great interest, had been banished from the country two days earlier by the police. The next day he hears more:

"Apparently he was involved with the boys at the school where he teaches, or so they say. If only it were lies all of it! What will become of the poor man, without money, in foreign countries"
(the diary, 8th).

After speaking with Mrs Drewsen and Mrs Heiberg about Clemens Petersen, HCA notes in the diary on 15th:

"feel he has sinned, but that the punishment is unforgivably harsh".

30 March

Carl Bloch begins painting a portrait of HCA.

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