From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


3rd - 11th October

Guest at Maxen, the estate, with Mrs Serre. Clara Heinke and her sister are here at this time. Sees his fir tree and his oak tree once again (the latter is in the garden). Clara Heinke has hung wreaths of flowers on both trees.

13 October

Departure from Dresden to Prague. Continues on via Pardubitz and Brünn (where he makes enquiries about the home of some friends, the Neruda family, who are musicians).

17 October

Arrival in Vienna

"Vienna has for me always been a town marked by a high degree of police restrictions [...] In the old part of the town with the narrow, windy streets, I am in the Vienna I know, but if I wander outside, the ramparts within the suburbs have been removed, magnificent buildings have arisen, I am, I feel, in Petersburg, in Paris"
(the diary, 19th)
"The opera house, it is probably, with the exception of the opera in Barcelona, the most splendid theatre I have seen",
(the diary, 20th)

Whilst here, HCA meets Theophilus Hansen, the architect.

"he seems very ill-bred, but apparently a clever character"
(the diary, 31st).

Feels lonely at the hotel in the evenings,

"battles with sensuality, the Lord is my helper, certainly not myself"
(the diary, 31st).

4 November

From Vienna, via Linz and Salzburg (where he sees Paracelsus' and Mozart's houses) to Munich.

8th - 16th November

In Munich. Visits the painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach, who tells him that he still receives orders for the picture used to illustrate "Engelen" (The Angel). Kaulbach:

"said that the art-dealer in Vienna had become a wealthy man from this one picture"
(the diary, 9th).

Almost daily visits to the Kaulbach family. The painter Kaulbach calls him the King of Fairy-tales and wishes to create another picture based on HCA's fairy-tales. Visits the Queen Dowager Maria Hedewig of Bavaria.

16 November

Hears that Scharff's engagement has been broken off. Departure from Munich. Travels via Kempten to Zürich, making a short stop in Bern (where he meets the Danish vicar Carl Baggesen), then on through Geneva, Lyon, Avignon, Marseille and Toulon to Nice.

30th November - 31st January 1870

In Nice. On Christmas Eve, a tribute is made to him at the hotel. He reads aloud for the guests on Christmas Day and New Years Eve. Writes home to Edvard Collin, offering to pay 600 rdl. for Jonas, if he will travel down and join HCA for two months of the journey.

15 December

Outing to Monaco, but does not, however, go right in to the town itself.

17 December

Release of Tre nye Eventyr og Historier (Three New Tales and Stories) , including: ("Hønse- Grethes Familie" (Chicken Grethe's Family), "Hvad Tidselen oplevede" (What Happened to the Thistle) and "Hvad man kan hitte på" (What One Can Invent)).

31 December

HCA's assets are calculated to the amount of 15,288 rdl. Interest earned during the year amounts to 670 rdl., and 96 rdl. in tax have been paid. The loan to Henrik Stampe seems to have been paid off.

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