From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Georg Brande's Dissertation

2 April

After a great deal of recognition on his birthday (receiving, amongst other items, an embroidered pillow from his friend Anna Bjerring), HCA is invited by Anton Rubinstein to his debut concert. Later, HCA sees Rubinstein privately, and is also invited to his next concert on 6th at Casino:

"Rubinstein played wonderfully [...] I felt filled with the genius, taste and strength that is his"
(the diary, 6th).

Also attends Rubenstein's final concert on 16th.

30 April

Attends a lecture by Professor Rasmus Nielsen on the topic: folktales/literary versions of these, where HCA's story "Hvad Fatter gjør" (What the Old Man Does) is used as subject matter.

16 May

Takes part in an outing to the country home of the Henriques family, at Klampenborg.

1869: Georg Brande's Dissertation

25 May

Final sitting with Bloch.

"The portrait does not show the expression that I had wished . The hair has also been made more grey. Moreover, he has painted a grease stain on my clothing"
(diary, same day).

Henriques buys the painting for 200 rdl.

3 June

Receives a visit from Georg Brandes.

8th - 10th June

Visits the Henriques family at Petershøj, Klampenborg.

14th - 16th June

Moves out of his lodgings at Miss Hallager's.

16th June - 6th July

At Basnæs. Here he sees, for the first time, the obelisk which the people belonging to the estate had raised in May 1868, in honour of Jacob Brønnum Scavenius. HCA had written the text for it.

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