From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


22 October

Attends a celebration which marks the 40th anniversary of his graduation from college.

28 October

Receives a visit from Georg Brandes, who - according to HCA - is very enthusiastic about "Dryaden" (The Wood Nymph), which HCA reads aloud for him.

2 November

Sees Brandes once more at a dinner held by Edvard Collin, a "youthful gathering", as described in the diary on the same day. Also present are e.g. the owner of Rungstedlund, Harald David and his wife Caroline, who would later leave her marriage, influenced by Georg Brandes.

8 November

Reads aloud at the Servants' Association (for the "sewing maids").

19 November

Release of "Et Besøg i Portugal 1866" (A Visit to Portugal 1866) in volume 28 of Samlede Skrifter (Reiseskizzer og Pennetegninger) (Collected Works (Travel Sketches and Drawings in Ink).

5 December

Individual release of Dryaden.. Et Eventyr fra Udstillingstiden i Paris 1867 (The Wood Nymph. A Tale from the World Exhibition in Paris 1867).

15 December

Second edition of Dryaden is released. Of the total number of 6,000 copies, Reitzel the publisher has only 500 left on 23rd.

22 December

Reads aloud at The Danish Society. Cuts and pastes a picture-book for Marie Henriques at this time.

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