From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


A Visit to Portugal and Dryaden (The Wood Nymph)

2 July

Departure from Altona, travelling via Fredericia-Strib to Odense. Stays with Bishop Engelstoft (2nd - 4th July).

1868: A Visit to Portugal and Dryaden (The Wood Nymph)

4 July

Arrival in Copenhagen. Lodges with the Melchior family. Receives by post a Russian translation of his fairy-tales. The author, Johannes Kneppelhout, is in Copenhagen with his family. Goes on an outing to Hellebæk (the Collins'), also to Elsinore and Frederiksborg Castle (28th). There are also trips to Bellevue and Klampenborg. On 2nd August, HCA goes to:

"the deer forest for the poor people; there was dancing and swings; people sat in the summer houses and ate their packed food"
(the diary).

10 August

Off to Holsteinborg.

16 August

To Korsør. Leaves for Århus on the next day.

17th - 30th August

At Friisenborg. Carl Bloch is also there to paint. HCA suffers a great deal from a sore on his leg at this time.

31 August

Returns to Copenhagen.

14 September

Goes to see the Melchior family at Rolighed. Corresponds with Anton Nielsen, a school teacher and writer (HCA calls him the peoples' writer).

28 September

Returns to his lodgings in Copenhagen. Receives a visit from Anna Bjerring. Allows himself to be badgered into visiting her in turn, in the Vesterbro area of Copenhagen, in spite of problems with the leg. Sees the Kneppelhout family once again, when they return from Sweden.

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