From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Is Appointed Titular Councillor of State

11 April

Departure from Copenhagen. Has withdrawn 500 rdl. for the travel expenses. Overnights in Odense on 12th. Goes for a walk along the river with Bishop Engelstoft and lunches with him. Continues via Hamburg, Hannover, Cologne to Paris.

15th April - 9th May

In Paris. Here he spends time with the somewhat rakish Robert Watt, who:

"told me many wild, sensuous stories. My insight into Parisian life was greatly increased"
(the diary, 17th).

Seeks out Frøhlich the painter, regarding some illustrations for the fairy-tales. Also spends time with Jules Jürgensen from Le Locle and N.E. Hofman-Bang, titular councillor of state, from Hofmansgave. Goes to see the World Exhibition several times.

5 May

Is so sexually excited by the stories told by Robert Watt that he goes to a brothel:

"After having dinner I walked about in unfulfilled desire, then went suddenly up to a shop which traded in human beings. One was painted with powder, the other plain looking, a third quite a lady. I spoke with her, paid 12 francs and left without having sinned in action, but probably in thought. She asked me to come again, said that I seemed to be very innocent for a gentleman. I felt so light and happy when I emerged from this house. Many would call me a spineless fellow, am I this here? In the evening I wandered about on the boulevard and saw painted ladies sitting in the coffee shops, playing cards, drinking beer and chartreuse"
(the diary, same day).

1 May

A party is held in honour of HCA at the Palais Royal, arranged by the Scandinavian Society.

9 May

Departure from Paris, via Dijon to Neuchâtel.

11th - 14th May

At Neuchâtel.

1867: Is Appointed Titular Councillor of State

14th - 27th May

Staying with Jules Jürgensen the watch-maker, in Le Locle

26 May

On the silver wedding anniversary of the king and queen, HCA is appointed titular Councillor of State (3rd rank; e.g. when there is a banquet at the castle, the first three ranks are invited).

27th - 30th May

Is in Bern. Goes on an outing from here to Interlaken.

30 May

Departure from Bern, travelling via Freiburg and Frankfurt (on the train, he avoids meeting the Grand Duke of Weimar, as the national issue is still a problem for HCA). On through Kassel to Hamburg.

2nd - 5th June

In Hamburg. Here he visits the painter Anton Melbye, at his studio.

5 June

Departs Hamburg, headed for Fredericia. In Denmark he is constantly greeted with the title 'Mr Councillor of State':

"it was as though the new title had bewitched my country"
(the diary, 5th).

Stops in Odense on the same day. Overnights here and has lunch on 6th with a small group of people at the home of Bishop Engelstoft. Is made to promise to return during summer, so the town might honour him.
Thus there is much to suggest that is was the appointment as titular councillor of state which prompted Odense town to the idea of making HCA an honorary citizen. This must also be seen in the light of a long-standing wish to reestablish the town's connection with HCA, after he had become so famous.

7 June

Arrival in Copenhagen. Goes on an outing to Klampenborg on 12th.

10 June

Is granted an audience at Fredensborg Castle, where he is able to give thanks for the title received.

13th June - 15th July

Staying with the Melchior family at Rolighed. Here he cuts and glues (3rd July) "the second lampshade", as he puts it in the diary. Takes part in an outing to Hellebæk (visiting the Collins' in their small house, dinner at Marienlyst) and also to Klampenborg (lunch with Jules Jürgensen).

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