From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


4 January

Travels to Basnæs.

11 January

Returns to Copenhagen.


The literary topic of conversation at this time is a work titled Breve fra Helvede (Letters from Hell), which are released under a pseudonym (M. Rowel). During the year there are 3 editions printed and HCA is very absorbed by the book (in which he finds details reminiscent of his own fairy-tales). The author pays HCA a visit on 14th and it turns out to be the priest, Valdemar Thisted.

25 January

Reads aloud for ladies at the Workers' Association.

7 February

Has bought for himself from England the

"Beautiful, new illustrated edition of my fairy-tales, for which Dulken is responsible" [translator H.W. Dulcken].
(the diary, same day)

Hears that Professor Rasmus Nielsen had lectured on the subject "the wish" on the previous day. Amongst other references, the professor had used HCA's "Lykkens Kalosker" (The Galoshes of Fortune) as a point of departure.

14 February

The painter F.C. Lund draws a portrait of HCA whilst he is reading aloud in the midst of the Melchior family. He gives it to Mrs Melchior.

2 March

Reads aloud at the Students' Association.

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