From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


5 October

Due to the indisposition of Countess Holstein, HCA moves to Basnæs Estate. From here there is an outing to Borreby.

20 October

Returns to Holsteinborg.

25 October

Horace Scudder, the American writer of children's books, also publisher/editor, sends an initial request to HCA for 12 fairy-tales, which Scudder would like to publish. This initial request does not result in an agreement.

26th - 28th October

Is in Sorø with Mrs Ingemann. Also staying there is Kirstine Jensen, a female poet from Langeland. HCA mentions her in his diary on 26th:

"a plain and poor woman, with strong feeling and enthusiasm".

28 October

Back in Copenhagen, where Melchior meets him and helps him move in to his new rooms on Kongens Nytorv: 1 Lille Kongensgade, 1st floor, the home of Thora Hallager, a female photographer. HCA describes the interior here in an unprinted letter addressed to Mrs Scavenius at Basnæs:

"Thank you for the lovely vases and for the picture, they are most decorative in my lounge, which is very cosy and neat with rugs, pictures, ornaments and flowers from Mrs Jerichau. I also received a very nice Brysseler rug. The view is marvellous and each window is fitted with just one large pane of glass. The stairwell is fine and moreover, I have a well-lit antechamber [...] Countess Holstein was in town for a couple of days and brought with her a large wreath which can keep all winter, also some swaying Panama-grass. It drapes down almost like a banner over the bust of Jenny Lind, which I have placed in a corner between flowers. Unfortunately, I only get the morning sun and the tiled stove is not very big; winter will probably be hard and long".

16 November

Reads aloud at the Workers' Association.

25 November

"Et Blad fra et Besøg i Portugal 1866" (Page from a Visit to Portugal 1866) is printed in Figaro, edited by Robert Watt. Other snippets from the journey are published in the second half of the year, also in Figaro, as well as in Dagbladet.


Release of Fotograferede Børnegrupper by Harald Paetz, including rhymes by Professor H.C. Andersen (6 small rhymes).
This collaboration is one of many indications that HCA was very interested in photography. He let himself be photographed on innumerable occasions, thus obtaining portrait cards which he passed out liberally. Since the beginning of this decade he had also been very keen on stereoscope pictures, which he bought a great number of whilst travelling. He also had stereoscope pictures made with himself as motif.

3 December

Reads aloud for the Students' Association.

11 December

Release of Nye Eventyr og Historier. Anden Række. Fjerde Samling (New Tales and Stories. Second Series. Fourth Installment) ("Gjemt er ikke glemt" (Kept Secret but not Forgotten), "Portnerens Søn" (The Porter's Son), "Flyttedagen" (Moving Day), "Sommergjækken" (The Snowdrop), "Moster" (Aunty), "Skrubtudsen" (The Toad).

24 December

To Basnæs Estate.

31 December

At the turn of the year, HCA's assets amount to 13,472 rdl., including a special interest account.

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