From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


First contact with Horace Scudder

9th - 26th July

Staying with George O'Neill once more. George encourages HCA to go to Lisbon to screw (this is the expression noted in the diary on 12th). HCA confides in George that he suffers from unsatisfied sexual desire and George tells him that he must "clean out his water-house" (diary, same). In the following period of time, HCA tormented by sexual frustrations.
Outing via Aveiro to Coimbra.

26th July - 8th August

Staying with José O'Neill in Cintra. Whilst here, HCA cuts and glues a "lamp-shade" for the host, as he had done at Holsteinborg.

8th - 14th August

Back in Lisbon with George O'Neill.

14 August

Takes the steam-ship Navarro from Lisbon to Bordeaux. From here via Blois to Paris.

1866: First contact with Horace Scudder

30th - 31st August

In Paris, where HCA visits a brothel:

"During this entire trip I have been urged to seek out a prostitute. However tired I was, I did, all the same, decide to see one of these creatures. I approached a house; there appeared a woman in the business of selling human flesh, and four prostitutes paraded for me. The youngest was 18, or so they said. I asked her to stay. She wore almost nothing but a shift, I felt so sorry for her. I paid 5 francs to the madam, gave her, when she asked me for it, 5 francs, but did nothing; merely looked at the poor child, who undressed completely and seemed surprised that I merely looked at her"
(the diary, 30th).

Notes on the next day:

"Many Parisian thoughts, it is good that I am leaving soon. The flesh is vulnerable".

31 August

About to depart from Paris, HCA meets Alexandre Dumas at the railway station. The journey home is via Cologne, Hannover, Hamburg and Kolding to Odense.

6 September

Arrival in Odense. Accompanied by Bishop Engelstoft, HCA goes to see the place where his parents had lived. On the following day, the Bishop is host to gathering in honour of HCA. Amongst the guests is the poet Julius Gerson (author of the well-known poem for children called "En lille Nisse reiste" (A Small Pixie Left).

During the dinner held by the bishop, a merchant by the name of Petersen proposes a toast for HCA, saying:

"that I had come from the common classes, was the most famous man in Denmark and the pride of Odense. He requested that I not just pass through the town, as so many here wish to meet with me"
(the diary, 7th).

Leaves Odense on 7th, bound for Sorø (Mrs Ingemann has had an eye operation and is weak, so HCA stays at Hotel Sorø by the railway station instead). He then continues to Roskilde (where he visits Hartmann and Ortwed, the rural dean) and on to Copenhagen.
Expenses incurred during the trip: HCA has withdrawn 800 rdl. of his funds administered by Edvard Collin (of course he had stayed with the O'Neills at no cost).

9 September

Is back in Copenhagen. The Melchior family collect him and have him lodged at Gammel Rolighed at Kalkbrænderiet (the lime kiln).
There is an outing to the Collins' in Hellebæk on 18th. Associates with the painter Carl Bloch and visits his atelier.

19 September

Release of 2nd edition of De to Baronesser (The Two Baronesses) and 3rd edition of Improvisatoren (The Improvisatore).

22 September

HCA is guest of honour at the Workers' Association.

29 September

Travels to Holsteinborg.

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