From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


10 April

HCA is advised that the emperor of Mexico has conferred upon him the title of Commander of the order of Notre Dame de Guadaloupe. When the emperor is executed in the following year, HCA is informed that if he shows himself in Mexico wearing this order he would be shot, but that it is safe to wear it in Austria.

13 April

Departure from Paris. Via Tours to Bordeaux.

14th - 24th April

In Bordeaux.

24 April

On to Bayonne, from there across the Spanish border to San Sebastián and on via Burgos to Madrid.

30th April - 3rd May

In Madrid.

2 May

Fifth edition of Billedbog uden Billeder (Picture-book without Pictures).

3 May

From Madrid via Mérida and Badajoz across the border ("it was like coming out of the Middle Ages into the present", diary, 5th May) to Lisbon.

6th May - 8th June

In Lisbon. Stays at Quinta do Pinheiro in Palhava with the merchant George (Jorge) O'Neill, who is the Danish consul-general in Lisbon. They have known each other about 40 years.
During his stay, HCA visits the poet Antonio Feliciano de Castilho, who has translated poems by the Danes Oehlenschläger and Boye. HCA helps George O'Neill to translate "Barnet i Graven" (The Child in the Grave).

14 May

Is invited to visit King Fernando, who is the brother of the Queen Dowager of Sweden.

8th June - 9th July

Stays with Carlos O'Neill at Quinta dos Bonecos in Setubal. The hosts would have him stay for the winter, but HCA declines. Through the newspapers, he keeps up with reports from the Prussian-Austrian war (soon after also with Italy against Austria). Goes on outings to Barreiro and Palmela.

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