From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Death of P.L. Møller

7 October

Departure from Stockholm. On the day before, HCA had been up at the palace to bid the king farewell. And on the actual day of departure, the queen sends her lord-in-waiting to HCA, so that he may sign a book for her. Travels via Hallsberg, Jönköping (8th - 10th), Lund (10th - 12th) ( The students of Lund pay their respects to HCA on 11th). Then via Malmø back to Copenhagen.

13 October

Arrival in Copenhagen. Goes to the Hotel d'Angleterre, where he is given a room in the rear of the building, facing a garden.

15 October

Is moved to two "small, neat rooms" (diary, same day) on the 2nd floor of the hotel, facing Kongens Nytorv, as he can not stand the quietness at the back of the building. For the same reason, he later turns down an offer from the Henriques family of rooms in their home, as it turns out that these rooms are also in the back building. He wishes to have a daily view of the pulsating life of the town.

1865: Death of P.L. Møller


An actual friendship develops between HCA and the 28 year-old journalist, writer and otherwise man about the town Robert Watt.

Late October

HCA suffers from serious mood swings during this period.

"Today I have truly perceived the infinitely far too great goodness, grace and love which God has for me. This is surely the last year of life for me; in the next I shall be no more".

This comment is written in the diary on 30th. And when he wakes up the next day with a headache and pain in the small of his back, he notes:

"at my age, I should stick to a diet and yet I indulge heartily in food and drink. My eyes grow weak, one of my legs tired".

5th - 6th November

Is invited to visit the royal family at Fredensborg. This is the first time he sees the castle from the inside.

"It seems to be God's will that also this royal household wishes to show me favour; they are kind-hearted people"
(the diary, 5th).

Visits the Bournonvilles on the same occasion.

7 November

Coaxes Reitzel the publisher to allow Frølich to illustrate his fairy-tales.

15 November

Reads aloud at the Students' Association.

17 November

Release of Nye Eventyr og Historier. Anden Række. Tredie Samling (New Tales and Stories. Second Series. Third Installment). Included are: ("Lygtemændene ere i Byen, sagde Mosekonen" (The Will-o'-the-Wisps are in Town), "Veirmøllen" (The Windmill), "Sølvskillingen" (The Silver Shilling), "Bispen paa Børglum og hans Frænde" (The Bishop of Börglum and his Men), "I Børnestuen" (In the Children's Room), "Guldskat" (Golden Treasure), "Stormen flytter Skilt" (The Storm Shifts the Signboards). 5,000 copies of the book are printed, and by mid-January, 4,500 have been sold. The fee earned may be estimated at approx. 1,000 rdl.

20 November

Is in contact with the young composer Asger Hammerich, who is a great admirer of HCA.

22 November

Christian Schmidt, actor and co-director of the Casino theatre, hangs himself after having lost his assets of 12,000 rdl. In the next few days, HCA helps organize a collection for the benefit of Schmidt's widow and children.

24 November

Reads aloud for approx. 500 ladies at the Workers' Association.

25 November

A.N. de Saint-Aubin (Carl Bernhard, the writer) dies.
On the same day, HCA is at the silver wedding anniversary of Louise (Collin) and W. Lind. In his speech, Adolph Drewsen jokingly mentions that HCA was not at the wedding,

"that I was off somewhere, as though shot from a canon. Love, a broken heart, must be taken into consideration; I took it with a sense of humour [...] now, at home, I thank God that I did not become Louise's husband. An entirely different type of writing activity, God only knows which, would then have been afforded me"
(diary, same day).

9 December

Departure for Sorø ("It's very difficult to speak with dear Mrs Ingemann", diary, same day). Is collected on the next day by a coach from Holsteinborg Estate.

14 December

Receives a letter from Edvard Collin, including a statement of his assets which amount to 12,080 rdl. The interest for the year amounts to 450 rdl.

Mid December

P.L. Møller, the critic, dies in France. HCA commences the work of noting down what he remembers about Møller, for his memoirs.

17 December

Goes from Holsteinborg Estate to Basnæs Estate, where he is lodged in the usual two rooms. On the 29th - 31st HCA accompanies Mrs Scavenius and the others from Basnæs to Espe. The New Year is celebrated at Basnæs.

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