From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


1 October

Commences sitting as model for the sculptor H.V. Bissen - in the same period as he sits for Stramboe. Bissen wishes to make a bust of him.

28 October

Attends a birthday party for children held by Mrs Heiberg. Here, the foster children recite "Det døende Barn" (The Dying Child - poem by HCA) and give three cheers. HCA notes in the diary "I found it childish" (same day). He also reads aloud at the party.

28 November

An anonymous author sends HCA the book Kroisos. Lydiens sidste Konge. Dramatisk Digtning (Kroisos. The Last King of Lydia. A Dramatic Work). He is very taken with the southern sensuality of the book and writes back. HCA is then paid a visit on 8th December by the author, who turns out to be the 24 year-old actor Alfred Flinch from the Royal Theatre.


"Folkesangens Fugl. En Stemning" (The Bird of the Folk Song. A Mood) is printed in Dansk Folkekalender for 1865.

22 December

Travels aboard the freight train to Sorø (at departure, sees for the first time "our new train station, which is very impressive"). The train journey takes all of 4 1/2 hours! (in 1998, approx. 1 hour).

"Mrs Ingemann was delighted to see me, but unfortunately she is now so deaf that considerable power of speech is necessary in order to start a conversation of a sort; I retired to my room for a rest now and then; but it was a great pleasure to see how lively her spirit remained and how well she has adjusted to old age and therein she sees so clearly beyond the grave; she longs perpetually for reunion with her Bernhard. Rothe the gardener has made many changes to the gardens facing the lake and thus also with the Ingemann's. Half of it has been cut off"
(letter to Henriette Collin, 25th December).

Sorø is further mentioned in the same letter:

"The whole new landscape is very beautiful, with the principle's house, as well as Rothe's and Ingemann's, all like enclaves in the academy garden. But the boys attending the academy lose a large tumbling ground, and the part of Ingemann's garden where he most often sat has been cut off. A large hillock has been evened out and the old column base, which served as a table, now lies outside in the road, where there is, at least, still shade from the mighty trees. But no longer in the garden".

Whilst staying with Mrs Ingemann, the maid gives HCA some poems in manuscript which Ingemann had written.

24 December

Continues via Skælskør to Basnæs Estate. First there is the Christmas tree celebration for the poor peasant children: "They had been well fed before-hand and seemed almost to have eaten so much as to make them quiet and still. There was no zest in them [...] It was very quiet here and no Christmas spirit" (letter to Henriette Collin, 25th). After tea, there was a Christmas tree celebration for the family and guests.
During the stay at Basnæs, there is differences surface between HCA and the owner, Mrs Scavenius.

31 December

HCA's assets are calculated at 11,484 rdl. The amount has increased by 1,445 rdl. during the year.
At the end of the year, Edvard Collin describes in a letter to HCA that he is ending his "career in public service and leaving behind the green table at which I now have sat for more than 33 years" (26th December).

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