From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Ingemann dies

1 January

Return to Copenhagen.

25 January

Reads aloud for a group of ladies at the Workers' Association.

30 January

Is offered 3,000 rdl. by Reitzel for an edition of the illustrated Tales.

31 January

Reads once more for ladies at the Workers' Association.


A highly emotional friendship develops between HCA and Harald Scharff, the ballet dancer, who he had known sporadically since 1857. Their relationship raises eyebrows. The diary, 17th February:

"Theodor [Collin] upset me greatly by pointing out how openly I displayed my feelings for S, that people noticed it and considered it ridiculous".

Their friendship lasts approximately one and a half years.

7 February

Reads aloud at Natalie Zahle's for "the entire female institute" (the diary).

10 February

Is summoned to the king at 8 in the evening, where HCA reads his latest collection of fairy-tales aloud.

"The king was lively, talked about his stay in Switzerland, [HCA had of course read e.g. "The Ice Maiden", which is set in Switzerland] thanked me heartily for the pleasure my reading had given him and shook my hand several times"
(the diary).

17 February

Reads aloud at the Artists' Association.

1862: Ingemann dies

19 February

During the morning, HCA attends a reception held by Frederik VII and Countess Danner. He chats with the countess, who informs him that he will soon be invited to visit again and read for them, and also asks him to bring his album along.
In the evening he attends a ball held by Prince Christian (the later King Christian IX). Quite by chance, HCA had met the prince two days earlier in the street and received the invitation. His choice of clothing for the ball is unfortunate:

"I alone wore black gloves. It bothered me dreadfully"
(the diary).

24 February

Ingemann dies.

4 March

Goes to Sorø for Ingemann's funeral. Arrives in time to see the deceased and witness his vein being cut. Mrs Ingemann relates an account of his final hours. HCA returns to Copenhagen the same evening and attends a ball held by Prince Frederik of Hessen.

5 March

While visiting Einar Drewsen he tells him "about my erotic time" (the diary). HCA is completely engrossed in Scharff at this time. Scharff confides in HCA all his "little secrets of the heart [...] I long for him daily" (the diary, 6th).

8 March

At the Jerichau residence he sees Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann's painting "Havfruen" (The Mermaid) in a new version. The painting is inspired by HCA's fairy-tale and he finds it "quite masterly".

9 March

HCA's commemorative article on Ingemann is printed in 'llustreret Tidende' (along with a picture of the interment). HCA writes:

"What he planted grows, as it has taken root in the hearts of people. His speech added tones to the Danish language, his spirit of patriotism empowers the sword, his pure thought is like the freshness of a sea-breeze!"

HCA then describes him in a manner similar to the dream Ingemann had told him about and which formed the basis of the poem "Den hemmelighedsfulde Port" (The Gate of Secrets), as:

"awoken" from death, and rounds off by saying: "That which must disappear and waft away is now lowered to the grave, accompanied by the peel of church bells, psalms and tears of the heart; that which will never die is with God; that which he planted is with us, a source of joy and blessing".

Mid March

Sits for the sculptor Fr. Chr. Stramboe, who creates a medallion of HCA to be used by C. Møller, the electro metallurgist.

17 March

Visits Prince Christian (the later King Christian IX).

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