From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Jonas Collin, Senior, Dies

5th - 14th July

In Brunnen. Here he spends time with the painter G.A. Amberger. One evening whilst here, HCA is serenaded at the hotel by the Music Association of the town. The trip continues from here via Einsideln, Richterswyl, Zürich, Romanshorn, Lindau and Kempten to Munich.

18th - 22nd July

In Munich. Here he visits the Englishman Charles Boner (private tutor to the Prince of Thurn und Taxis), who wishes to translate Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life). On via Augsburg, Nuremberg, Hoff and Chemnitz to Dresden, where the travelling companions are collected by Major Serre.

26th July - 14th August

At Maxen, where HCA works intensively on "Isjomfruen" (The Ice Maiden). Whilst here he spends some time with the composer Adolf Henselt, who enthusiastically embraces HCA in greeting, up to 18 times a day. Stays with the Serres in Dresden from 14th - 18th August.

18 August

Departure from Dresden via Leipzig and Braunschweig to Hamburg, where the two travelling companions - upon HCA's suggestion - agree to address each other informally (i.e. by using the informal 2nd person pronoun "du", rather than the formal pronoun "De"). (In the diary on 20th, HCA comments; "he was moved by this and I pleased"). The trip continues from Flensburg to Korsør and from here to Basnæs Estate. The journey with Jonas Collin Jr. has cost HCA a total of 1,525 rdl. (in 1993 terms this amounts to at least 150,000 Danish kroner).

22nd - 26th August

At Basnæs Estate. Spends time whilst here with the actor Michael Wiehe and his wife.

26th August - 1st September

With the Ingemanns in Sorø. After having read "Isjomfruen" (The Ice Maiden) aloud for Ingemann HCA rewrites the ending.

1861: Jonas Collin, Senior, Dies

August - September

In the USA a sizeable discussion of HCA is released, namely an article by the young writer and editor Horace E. Scudder titled "The Fairy Legends of Hans Christian Andersen", printed in the National Quarterly Review 3. HCA learns about the article on 1st April 1862 and it may he upon his own initiative that the newspaper Dagbladet includes a lengthy summary of the article on 24th April in the same year.

28 August

Jonas Collin, senior, dies.

1 September

Back in Copenhagen. Moves back in to the residence of Madame Anholm in Nyhavn 67.

2 September

Attends the funeral of Collin. On the same day, HCA's commemorative poem for Collin is printed in the newspaper Dagbladet. HCA is very depressed at this time and feels lonely after Collin's passing.

4 September

Is invited by King Frederik VII to a dinner in honour of the Italian envoy. The king welcomes HCA home again. When HCA expresses gratitude for the king's speedy invitation, Frederik VII answers:

"Of course you can be sure I want you present, old boy"
(the diary).

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