From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Travelling with Jonas Collin Jr.

1861: Travelling with Jonas Collin Jr.

4 April

Departure from Copenhagen to Sorø, where Jonas Collin Jr. also arrives on the following day, in order to accompany HCA on a journey to Italy. They travel via Korsør-Flensburg, Harburg, Kassel, Frankfurt to Basel (in Basel from 9-11th April). Sees the painter G.A. Amberger while in Basel).

11th - 13th April

In Neuchâtel, where they meet Jules Jürgensen, father and son. They continue via Geneva, Lyon and Avignon to Marseille. On through Toulon and by stagecoach (at night) from here to Nice.

18th - 21st April

In Nice. The journey then continues from there by stagecoach around Monaco, through Oneglia and Savona to Genoa (stopping here 22nd-25th April). By ship from Genoa to Livorno and from there to Civita vecchia and then to Rome.

28th April - 29th May

In Rome. Sees Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson almost daily and finds him to be a very enthusiastic in his response. HCA also associates with Johann Bravo, a painter from Holstein who was also the Danish Consul in Rome. Also seeks out the painter Albert Küchler at the convent Bonaventura, where Küchler is now a monk (Küchler's fate provided Vilhelm Bergsøe with inspiration for one of the figures in Fra Piazza del Popolo (From Popolo Square)). Küchler and HCA thereafter meet on a few occasions. Tells Küchler about his fairy-tales and his readings for the Workers' Association. Moreover, HCA meets the English poet Robert Browning and the Norwegian folk-story collector P.C. Asbjørnsen.

29 May

The trip continues via Civita vecchia, from there by steamship to Livorno, and on via Pisa and Florence (where he and Jonas Collin Jr. remain from 31st May - 4th June). They then return to Livorno and continue from here by ship to Genoa, then travelling via Turino to Milan (here from 10th - 12th june). HCA is increasingly annoyed with his young travelling companion. From Milan they continue via Isola Bella, Domodossola, through Simplon to Brig and St. Maurice (arriving 16th June).

17th - 22nd June

In Bex. Commences work here on his story "Alpejægeren" (The Alpine Hunter) (the diary, 18th) in other words "Isjomfruen" (The Ice Maiden). They continue to Montreux (here from 22nd - 28th June). Here he meets the wife and daughter of the Swedish publisher Lars Johan Hiertas. Then on to Lausanne.
In Lausanne (on 28th June) a letter arrives concerning the impending death of Jonas Collin, senior (the diary). HCA usually calls Jonas Collin "the father", but in this diary entry merely calls him "old Collin". This indicates that in recent years HCA had undergone a process of liberation from the significant father figure that Collin represented. This process meant that HCA by and by allowed himself, on several occasions, to express anger against or dissatisfaction with the elderly Collin.
From Lausanne via Fribourg and Bern to Interlaken (arriving 2nd July). From here an outing to Lauterbrunnen and Grindelwald. In the evening of 3rd July and on the following evenings the new comet is seen in the sky. They continue across Lake Brientzer by steamship to Brientz and from there to Luzern.

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