From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Trip to Germany and Switzerland

2 April

HCA is a member of the committee for the establishment of a monument for H.C. Ørsted. It is significant for HCA that work on this matter is commenced on his own birthday.
This date also marks the earliest registration in the almanac of the connection with the Melchior family (although the relationship does stem from the mid or late 1850's).

12 April

Receives a visit from the German poet Klaus Groth from Kiel.

10 May

Receives written confirmation of the increase in his yearly appanage (grant/civil list annuity).

1860: Trip to Germany and Switzerland

21 May

Prince Frederik (the later Frederik VIII) seeks out HCA after 9 in the evening, so as to bid him farewell, before his trip abroad.

26 May

Travels first to Sorø, where he takes part in a birthday celebration for Ingemann on 28th and remains till 30th.

30 May

Travels via Korsør to Flensborg and on to Rendsborg, where he remains from 1st - 8th June. Here a party is given for him by the officers, he reads aloud for the soldiers and is serenaded on the morning of his departure, as well as being cheered by the soldiers. HCA describes these events to Mrs Scavenius of Basnæs in an unpublished letter dated 27th June:

"In Rendsborg I stayed with Captain Lønborg, son-in-law of titular Councillor of State Thiele. One evening I was asked to read, just as I had last winter at the Workers' Association in Copenhagen, for our "soldier boys" here in Rendsborg too; I was pleased to do so. "Tonhalle", which is larger than the small hall at Casino, was hastily decorated with Dannebrog [the Danish flag]; Officers and their wives, non-commissioned officers and their wives and many soldiers, probably 1500 people all together, welcomed me with flowers and cheers! I was deeply moved, did however read well; national songs were played and when I was about to depart on the next morning, the garrison band played in front of the house I was staying in; the train station was decorated with Danish flags, friends escorted me there, the soldiers sang and cheered me. I was so overwhelmed by all this that I, as you probably well understand, broke into tears when I finally departed".

8 June

Via Altona to Harburg. Further on through Hildesheim to Göttingen and from there to Eisenach, Meiningen, Bamberg, Nuremberg, Regensburg (outing from here on 18th to King Ludwig's marble temple Walhalla). Spends time in Regensburg with the painter Wilhelm von Kaulbach, who is also visiting the town. At a social gathering, where Kaulbach is present, HCA reads aloud "Noget" (Something) and "Hjertesorg" (Heartache), and Kaulbach exclaims:

"What a poet you are, always new and greater, and what a lecture! He asked me to read "Englen" [The Angel], which he had painted and would soon be released in print. I was to receive a copy then" (the diary, 16th June).

19 June

Arrival in Munich, where he obtains copies of his latest German release, Aus Herz und Welt (From The Heart and The World). Is received in audience by the Queen of Bavaria. Socialises with Kaulbach, amongst others.

30th June - 3rd July

Outing to Oberammergau to the passion plays.

"The whole drama was like a church service, where the sermon is not only heard but also seen as it is brought to life. Most likely, everyone left feeling replenished, filled by that loving soul who sacrificed himself for future generations" (from the continuation of Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life)).

In Oberammergau, the actor Lauritz Eckardt and the ballet-dancer Harald Scharff (both from the Royal Theatre) join the party. HCA also sees them in Munich.

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