From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


28 October

The Russian censorship committee receives the 2nd edition of Baron von Yxkull's translation of HCA's fairy-tales for perusal. The committee prohibits publication of "Verdens deiligste Rose" (The World's Fairest Rose) (for religious reasons) and of "Der er Forskiel" (There is a Difference) (due to unnaturalness and ambiguity in the treatment of the subject-matter).

7 November

2nd edition of Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life) is released.

12 November

Reads aloud for the Students' Association once again.

9 December

Release of Nye Eventyr og Historier. Fjerde Samling (New Tales and Stories. Fourth Installment for the year 1860. The collection includes "Pen og Blækhuus" (Pen and Inkstand), "Barnet i Graven" (The Child in the Grave), "Gaardhanen og Veirhanen" (The Farmyard Cock and the Weathercock), "Dejlig" (Beautiful) and "En Historie fra Klitterne" (A Story from the Sand Dunes).


Release of Folkekalender for Danmark (Folk Calendar for Denmark) for the year 1860, in which HCA's article "Skagen" is printed, including 4 illustrations.

15 December

Receives the order of Maximilian for Science and Art from King Max of Bavaria, dated 18th November). Sits for the painter and sculptor Henrik Olrik for a portrait for the periodical 'Illustreret Tidende' (was printed 25th December).

17 December

Frederiksborg Castle burns. HCA travels to Sorø. The Parliament votes to raise HCA's appanage (yearly grant). (The former Minister of War, A.F. Tscherning, and P.C. Zahle (brother of Nathalie Zahle) were against this increase).

20 December

Continues to Basnæs Estate, where he sees the writer Carl Bernhard (pseudonym for A.N. de Saint- Aubin). HCA makes paper cuttings to decorate the Christmas tree for the poor children at the estate.

22 December

HCA's assets amount to 8,058 rdl.

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