From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


22nd July - 5th August

Staying at Maxen.

25 July

Clara Heinke arrives at Maxen, armed with two chaperones (a sister and an aunt), to visit for a day or two.

5th - 19th August

In Dresden once again.

19 August

Continues the journey, travelling via Leipzig, Braunschweig, Altona, Flensborg and Svendborg back to Glorup Estate. In the course of this tourist trip, HCA very often came across persons who either sat reading in books by him or who spoke of him, without knowing who it was in front of them. As far as Harald Drewsen is concerned, however, he was greatly annoyed by his character and regretted having brought him along. On the final part of this journey HCA suffers from boils, as on several earlier occasions during these years.

23rd - 28th August

At Glorup Estate.

29 August

Back in Copenhagen, where he stays at Hotel Phønix, then goes to his rooms in Nyhavn on the following day.

10 September

As an invited guest, sees the unveiling of the monument for King Frederik VI in Frederiksberg Have (a park).

13 September

HCA's long-standing friend Jette Wulff dies aboard the Atlantic steamer 'Austria', when a fire breaks out on the ship. HCA has made a note of the date in the almanac, but it must be an added entry, made at a later date, as he writes a letter to her as late as the 24th. In the almanac he writes that he has read a notice regarding the accident in the paper Flyveposten on 7th October. Not until then is he aware - after having read less detailed notices in other newspapers on the previous days - that the fire was on the very ship that Jette had been aboard.

20 September

Goes to Basnæs Estate. Overnights in Sorø on the way.

27 September

Returns to Copenhagen.

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