From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


4th - 30th June

At Maxen once again, where he helps Major Serre translate Fuglen i Pæretræet (The Bird in The Pear Tree), but is angered by his "bessermachen" (German for "attempts to improve") (the diary, 9th). Is contacted by an agent from the publishing house Westerman of Braunschweig, who wishes to recruit HCA as an employee of a new publication: "Illustrierte deutsche Monatshefte" (Illustrated German Monthly Magazine). Together with Serre, HCA translates "Silkeborg" for the new magazine. Also translates with Serre the play Den Nye Barselstue (The New Lying-in Room). Pabst, the dramaturge, promises to stage Klein Karen (Little Karen) in Dresden during the winter. On 28th there is a private performance of Fuglen i Pæretræet (The Bird in The Pear Tree) at Maxen Estate. Amongst the audience is the poet Auerbach. The steward from Dresden Theatre sees the performance and wishes to use it.

30th July - 4th August

In Dresden once again. From there to Berlin, on to Hamburg on 5th, to Rendsborg on 7th, and from there on 9th. Wants to go to Korsør and from here to Basnæs Estate, but ends up going ashore in Svendborg and then on to Glorup Estate.

9th - 19th August

At Glorup Estate, where he works on At være eller ikke være (To Be or Not To Be). From here via Nyborg to Korsør on 19th. Is collected by a carriage sent from Basnæs Estate.

19th August - 2nd September

At Basnæs. Outing to Espe. The Jerichaus are also here for a week. Continues work on the novel. Then spends 3 days in Sorø with the Ingemanns before returning to Copenhagen.


Is now granted free admittance to the Royal Theatre every day of the week (had until then had free admittance 4 days a week).

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