From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Review by Grìmur Thomsen

1855: Review by Grìmur Thomsen

17 January

The Casino Theatre presents En Landsbyhistorie. Folke-Skuespil i fem Acter efter S.H. Mosenthals 'Der Sonnenwendhof' (A Village Story. Folk-Drama in Five Acts, based on 'Der Sonnenwendhof' by S.H. Mosenthal). The play includes chorus and songs by HCA. Is performed 31 times during HCA's life.

24 January

A Village Story is released in book form.

26 January

Premiere at the Casino theatre of: Den Usynlige paa Sprogø (The Ghost of Sprogø Island), which had been performed at the Royal Theatre in 1839.

31 March

On this day, HCA reads an almost 20 page review by Grìmur Thomsen of his Collected Works, which appeared in Mathias Steenstrup's magazine, Dansk Maanedsskrift, vol. 1. In a letter dated 3rd April to Henriette Wulff he mentions the "great pleasure" reading this review gave him. He describes the article as:

"the first unconditional judgement here in Denmark recognising me as a writer [...] beautifully written, also cleverly, with insight and feeling. All who have read it think very highly of it".

Ingemann congratulates him on the article in a letter dated 30th April:

"I too am pleased that in Grìmur Thomsen you have found a devoted and intelligent observer and portrayer of the genius and character in your style of writing. This is a joy which seldom befalls any writer while he is alive [Ingemann's own books were never reviewed, even though his novels were extremely popular amongst the people], and to a large extent it compensates for that harm and despair which you have previously experienced due to narrow-minded and heartless criticism".

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