From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


2 October

First mention in the almanac of Clara Heinke, a female German portrait painter (then 28 years of age) from Breslau. On this day, HCA writes that he has received a letter from her from Berlin. Later, a life-long correspondence between the two developed. It seems likely that she had strong feelings for HCA and that he also felt a certain interest.

3 October

Public notification in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende that the cholera epidemic is considered to be over.

22 October

Along with the other students from the year of 1828, HCA celebrates the 25th jubilee for those who became students in that year. The event is held at the Royal Rifle Range and HCA writes a song for the occasion. H.N. Clausen proposes a toast for Paludan-Müller and for HCA, while Madvig annoys HCA by making a toast to his wife!

7 November

The two first volumes of Samlede Skrifter (Collected Works) are published (including Improvisatoren (The Improvisatore)). The edition was to consist of 22 volumes of which 2 were released every other month up until July 1855. Volume 21 and 22 were Mit Livs Eventyr (The Fairy Tale of My Life).After this, new volumes were released with later works, to the edition included, at the time of HCA's death in 1875; a total of 28 volumes. In addition, there are 5 volumes from 1876, a supplementary volume to Mit Livs Eventyr 1877 and a final volume (poems) in 1879. A total of 33 volumes plus the supplementary volume.

The edition consisted of 2,000 copies.


HCA's article about the artists Jens Adolph and Elisabeth (nèe Baumann) Jerichau is printed in the Danish Folk Calendar for 1854. The Calendar also includes HCA's article on Silkeborg.


The poem "Silkeborg" is published in Almanak eller Huuskalender for 1854.

15 December

HCA is godfather for Nanny, the daughter of the artists Jens Adolph and Elisabeth Jerichau.

24 December

Christmas Eve is spent at the home of Jonas Collin.

25 December

Christmas at J.P.E. Hartmanns.

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