From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Titular Professor

17 July

Travels from Glorup Estate via Svendborg, where Viggo Drewsen arrives with the steam-ship, to Als and on from here via Flensborg to Slesvig. Sees the positions and the traces from the war, meets Goldschmidt again in Slesvig (writes a letter for him to Dickens). Also visits Dannevirke.
Travels alternately by train and ship through Altona, Magdeburg and Dresden to Leipzig with Viggo Drewsen.
Here he sees his old friends, the painter Dahl, Mrs von der Decken, and the Serres at Maxen (accompanies Mrs Serre to see "Andersens Baum" (tree), which he had planted out on the edge of the cliff 7 years earlier).

1851: Titular Professor

30 July

From Leipzig by train via Teplitz to Prague. On 2nd August along the river Elbe back to Dresden. From here, Viggo Drewsen travels back to Copenhagen on the 8th. On the next day, HCA is lodged at Maxen, where he stays until the 19th. Then it's back to Dresden (at Mrs Serre's a cast of his hand is made). Continues to Leipzig on the 21st and visits Lorck. The return journey is commenced on 23rd.

29 August

HCA arrives at Glorup Estate, where he remains until 9th September. The return journey to Copenhagen is via Nyborg.
Following the advice of Edvard Collin, HCA did not go to Weimar on this trip. In a letter written before the trip, he had asked Sir Carl Beaulieu-Marconnay (chamberlain) whether the political feelings towards Denmark were such that he might expect unpleasantness.
Beaulieu answered (letter dated 29th May) that if HCA was so nationalistically disposed that he could see rightfulness on the Danish side only, then he had better stay away. And not just on this occasion but forever. But if HCA was not so disposed, then he would be received as:

"den lieben braven Poeten und Freund [...] mit dem man eben nicht über Politik spricht". [German for; "the charming good poet and friend [...] with whom one does not discuss politics"]

Edvard Collin is furious about Beaulieu's letter, but HCA responds diplomatically, although he does point out that something in Beaulieu's letter had saddened him:

"Much will be healed by time, and I am sure that Germans and Danes will be the best of friends; may the noblest be the first to reach out and shake hands! May truth and beauty build a bridge between us! [...}although I as a true Dane - which I am - feel deeply affected, it is the friend who suffers. No more talk, therefore, of politics, but only of matters of the heart and spirit" (June 1851).

The result was, however, that HCA did not visit Weimar.

10 September

Arrival in Copenhagen. The trip had cost HCA approx. 200 rdl.

12 September

The evening is spent at Sorgenfri Castle with the queen.

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