From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


5 July

Receives news of the peace settlement from 2nd July in Berlin.

H.C. Ørsted sends HCA part two of his Aanden i Naturen (The Spirit of Nature), which HCA reads. Visits Ørbæklunde Estate, where Swedish soldiers are billeted.

13 July

Fighting with the rebels of Slesvig-Holsten breaks out again. Hears (on 27th July) of the taking of Slesvig town and that Frederik Læssøe has fallen at Isted ("thought well of him, our time of youth" in the diary).

5 August

Departs from Glorup Estate. Travels via Svendborg, then by ship to Gaabense and from there by coach to Corselitze. Leaves again on 18th August. Along the way, he overnights at the home of Bishop D.G. Monrad, where he meets the poet Chr. Winther and his wife.

22 August

Return to Copenhagen.

12 September

HCA's "sisterly girlfriend", Henriette Wulff, departs on an almost one-year journey to the West Indies aboard the brig 'Mercurius', which her brother Christian had just been made commander of.

Late September

HCA sits 4 times for Elisabeth Jerichau-Baumann. Her oil-painting of him is completed during the next few months (and not as Ejner Johansson writes; at the end of the summer).

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