From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


The First Performances at Casino

1849: The First Performances at Casino

January - late May

Particularly in January, HCA spends quite a bit of time assisting Fredrika Bremer, who later visits him on several occasions. Also sees her at social functions during her visit to Denmark.
During her stay she draws HCA. Fredrika Bremer sums up her impressions from Denmark in a little book titled Livet i Norden (Life in The North), which is published in Swedish, English, German and Danish.

29 January

Premiere at the Royal Theatre of the opera Brylluppet ved Como-Søen (The Wedding at Lake Como) with music by F. Glæser and ballet arrangement by Bournonville. The material is based on certain chapters of Al. Manzoni's novel "I promessi sposi". Released as a book on the same day. The opera receives "thunderous applause", (cf the almanac). Is performed 12 times during HCA's life.

4 March

First performance at Casino of the vaudeville monologue Mikkels Kjærlighedshistorie i Paris (The Love Story of Mikkel in Paris). At the Royal Theatre, where the monologue was initially performed in March 1840, it had been called Mikkels Kjærlighedshistorier i Paris (The Love Stories of Mikkel in Paris). At Casino it is performed a total of 7 times during HCA's life.

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