From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


llustrations by Vilhelm Pedersen

1st - 3rd July

In Uppsala. From here, HCA writes home to Jette Wulff on 2nd July:

"If you should see Reitzel [HCA's Danish publisher] then tell him that all the booksellers in Sweden are complaining to me that they can not get enough of my books from him [thus the Danish books were sold in Sweden, along with the Swedish translations]. They are in demand, but he on the contrary sends only work by those Danish writers who are considered more esteemed at home [!].

1849: llustrations by Vilhelm Pedersen

3 July

By ship from Uppsala, back to Stockholm, where HCA is invited to the king's birthday on 4th July. In Stockholm he socialises once more with the Beskows, visits Almquist, Lars Johan Hierta (the editor of Aftonbladet) and Bonnier.
Continues the journey home on 12th October. Stays from 13th - 20th at Bjärka-Säby Estate with Count Edvard Fredrik von Saltza ("quite a character, ghost-seer, writer [...] most odd, but very good and noble", as HCA describes him to Jette Wulff in a letter of 3rd August). Also at the estate is the composer J.A. Josephson, who he had met in Rome and Leipzig in 1846 and now also in Stockholm. Continues through Motala, where he sees a machine shop for the first time; "it was like standing by a great big, living monster, with no soul", "there was something "terrifying" about it" (in the diary, 23rd July). At an inn a few kilometres from Motala, HCA is awoken in the morning with song:

"a group of people stood down there in the rain and sang, facing my windows, I could not grasp the fact that it was for me, they carried on and I asked one of the servants who they were singing for. It was for me, it was the workers from the factory in Motala, who knew I was here and who wanted to pay me tribute; I felt most humbly happy! You can't imagine how it feels! How little they know of me, those who label me vain, but of course it is just at home in my country that this is said, and there I am loved and known only by a few"
(letter to Jette Wulff, 3rd August).

Continues via Vadstena ("one of the towns in Sweden which I found most interesting" same letter). Then travels via Hönsäter and Blomberg at Kinnekulle etc on the return journey to Copenhagen (16th August).

9th August - 18th December

Release of Eventyr. Med 125 Illustrationer efter Originaltegninger af V. Pedersen (Tales. With 125 Illustrations based on Original Drawings by V. Pedersen.

9 September

HCA participates in the festivities in honour of the Danish soldiers during their parade through Copenhagen.

10th - 25th September

Autumn trip to Glorup Estate. Visit to "Ellen Marsvin's Farm", ie. Holckenhavn.

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