From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Outbreak of the three year war

20 January

Christian VIII dies, Frederik VII is the new king. HCA is deeply affected by the death of the king.

17 February

HCA is, along with Oehlenschläger's son William, decorated as a knight of The Swedish Order of The North Star. He receives it on 25th February,

"The evening the king was buried [...] it is worn with a black band, and this was most important to me on this particular day; the colour will remind me of the grief associated with this day"
(draft for a letter dated 16th march to the hereditary Grand Duke of Weimar).

Oehlenschläger embraces HCA in congratulation and gives him his own miniature copy of the Knights' Cross of North Star (Oehlenschläger himself is a commander of The North Star at this time). HCA lost this miniature cross in 1862 in Malaga, along with all his other miniature orders. HCA also receives in this year the cross "Vom weissen Falken" (of the white falcon), 1st grade, from the hereditary Grand Duke of Weimar.

22nd - 24th February

Outbreak of revolution in Paris. The turbulence reaches Vienna on 13th March, and Germany is also marked by revolutionary conditions.

1848: Outbreak of the three year war

4 March

Nye Eventyr. Andet Bind. Anden Samling. (New Tales. Volume Two. Second Installment) ("Det gamle Huus" (The Old House), "Vanddraaben" (The Drop of Water), "Den lille Pige med Svovlstikkerne" (The Little Match Girl), "Den lykkelige Familie" (The Happy Family), "Historien om en Moder" (The Story of a Mother), "Flipperne" (The Shirt Collar)).

10 March

First meeting at Casino, after news of the revolution in Paris reaches Denmark, two weeks after the event took place, and after news of the revolutionary conditions in Germany and of the mass public meeting in Rendsborg. The next day there is a meeting at the Hippodrome in Nørregade.

20 March

The second big meeting at Casino which lead to a mass procession to Christiansborg Castle on the next day. HCA was one of those chosen by the Committee for Order to guide the people through the streets of Copenhagen during the processions and prevent them from behaving rashly.

23 March

The war concerning the matter of Slesvig-Holsten breaks out when Frederik VII refuses to accept demands placed by the deputation from Slesvig-Holsten. On the next day, the Prince of Nør takes the Rendsborg garrison by surprise, and the other garrisons in the duchies also end up in the hands of the rebels.

31 March

HCA's "Slagsang for de Danske" (Battle song for the Danes) is printed in the newspaper Fædrelandet (The Fatherland).

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