From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


First book in English

Early 1845

The Improvisatore is published in Russian, translated by J.K. Grot.

1845: First book in English


Mary Howitt's translation of Improvisatoren into English is published by Richard Bentley, titled The Improvisatore, or, Life in Italy. The first volume opens with a 37 page long biography of HCA (as far as 1835) written by Mary Howitt on the basis of Xavier Marmier's "Une vie de poète". HCA's first letter to Mary Howitt is in Danish and the following are in German. She had translated the book from a German version. Mary Howitt's translation of The Improvisatore is released shortly after in an American pirate copy in New York.

16 February

Sees the first performance at the Royal Theatre ofLykkens Blomst (The Flower of Happiness. Fairy-tale comedy in Two Acts (with music by Rung). Is performed a total of 6 times in HCA's life.

22 February

A book version of The Flower of Joy is published.


The song "Pandebeen, Øiesteen" (Forehead, Eyes) is printed in H.V. and Jul. Chr. Gerson's Maanedsskrift for Børn (Monthly Magazine for Children) vol. 1., 1st booklet.

26 March

Den nye Barselstue (The New Lying-In Room - a title which refers to a comedy by Ludvig Holberg) is performed for the first time at the Royal Theatre. There are 61 performances of the play in HCA's lifetime. On this day also, HCA receives his first visit from the critic P.L. Møller.

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