From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


The Friendship with Henrik Stampe

1844: The Friendship with Henrik Stampe

January - March;

The friendship with Henrik Stampe soon becomes a close and passionate relationship, filled with ups and downs. There are no diaries stemming from this period. However, there are entries in the almanac such as "my beloved Henrik" (27th December, 43) and "visited H., he was here later, he caressed me" (4th March 44). It is from these first few months of the year that a letter from the Collin collection (XVII, H. 32, no. 588) must stem:

"My darling Henrik! / Writing to you seems a little odd, seeing as I could just as well be with you, speak with you and shake your hand whenever I wish. However, it is easier, at least for me, to express myself in writing. In this way I am not bound by the multitude of tiny considerations which are necessary when speaking face to face, even with you! - I have often heard that the English are afflicted with the spleen. I know little about this illness, except that it is an oddity, but a grievance just the same, and that it often robs people of their life. I myself suffer from something quite similar to this, which is why I was so unpleasant towards you today, impatient about waiting, when instead I could have been of some assistance. You, the person I often believe that I would give up my life for. - "Talk to me!" you often say. Yes, that is what I wish to do, what I, lonely as always, must do this evening".

The almanac from the first few months of 1844 is extremely ambiguous, containing a great deal of initials, rather than names. Entries in the almanac during this period are marked by jalousie, anger, desperation and sensuality along with concerns about penis pain (presumably due to masturbation) and fear of turning insane (once again, probably due to masturbation, which was then believed to cause mental illness).

14 February

Performance at the Royal Theatre of Kongen drømmer (The King Dreams. Original Romantic Drama in one Act. Music composed by Choirmaster Rung. Submitted and later published anonymously. Is performed 14 times in total during HCA's life.

22 February

The King Dreams is published as a book. In a letter dated 25th February to Henriette Wulff, HCA finds the many guesses concerning the authorship amusing:

"...a humble play, "The King Dreams" is being very well received; people are constantly trying to guess who the author is, as the play is said to be political [...] it expresses much hostility towards the Danish aristocracy".

3 March

Release of "Sange af Vaudevillen: Fuglen i Pæretræet" (Songs from the Vaudeville: "The Bird in the Pear Tree") in New Portfolio.

24 March

Thorvaldsen, the famed Danish sculptor, dies during the overture preceding a performance of Halm's romantic drama, Griseldis, at the Royal Theatre. HCA had dined with Thorvaldsen and Oehlenschläger that very evening at the Stampes'. When HCA hears about the death on the following day, he is deeply shocked by it.

26 March

Writes a song for Thorvaldsen's funeral.

30 March

Attends the funeral of Thorvaldsen.

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