From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


23 November

Fritz Petit, HCA's old friend from school, has translated his collection of fairy-tales into German (Neue Märchen) and gives a copy to HCA. He is, however, very dissatisfied with it, finding it to be dandified or foppish in tone.

29 November

Receives an edition containing four new fairy-tales (Neue Märchen) translated by Julius Reuscher (Berlin).This stems from New Tales. 1st Installment from 1843. A second edition of the translation comes out in 1845.

November - December

Release in Swedish of Nya Sagor published by Bonnier, translated by the well-known novelist Wilhelmina Stålberg. The publishers advertised the book together with Jul-Aftonen (A Christmas Carol) by Dickens, with the following recommendation: "both works belong to the best literature which any country has to offer". In the following years, HCA's fairy-tales and stories are regularly published in Swedish, although delayed by 6 months to a year compared to the Danish publications.


Release of "Hyldemoer" (The Elder Tree Mother) in P.L. Møller's aesthetic yearbook Gæa, along with a drawing by Lorenz Frølich. The book also contained fragments of HCA's Ahasverus, and several poems.

21 December

Nye Eventyr, 2. Samling (New Tales, 2nd Installment) printed in 2000 copies ("Grantræet" (The Fir Tree) and "Sneedronningen" (The Snow Queen)). On the same day,Billedbog uden Billeder. Anden forøgede Udgave (Picture Book without Pictures. Second Expanded Edition is released (31 evenings).

23 December

Travels via Køge to Bregentved to spend Christmas there.

30 December

Publication in the newspaper Berlingske Tidende of HCA's "Bertel Thorvaldsen. En biographisk Skizze" (a biographical sketch of Thorvaldsen the sculptor) Returns to Copenhagen. Celebrates the New Year with the Collins .

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