From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Journey to Germany

April - May

The relationship with Henrik Stampe deteriorates. (HCA confides in Jette Collin in August of 1862 (the diary, 22nd), whilst at Montreux, giving her details of "Stampe's intense love for me, which then evaporated once he had used me as a ladder by which to reach Jonna"). There are still no diaries. These are not resumed until the next journey outside of Denmark (or have not survived intact).

1844: Journey to Germany

23 May

Departs Copenhagen aboard the steamship Christian VIII, bound for Weimar. In Braunschweig, HCA's every need is tended to by the publisher Vieweg, at his exclusive country house. "There was no end to the compliments I received" (the diary, 21st June).

25st May - 14th June

HCA stays at Breitenburg. Moves on towards Weimar with a 3 days stay in Hamburg. Make a stop at Braunschweig. Here HCA was waited on by the publisher Vieweg at his country house. “They almost devoured me with compliments” (Diary June 21st)

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