From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Journey in Europe

1843: Journey in Europe

2 January

Returns to Copenhagen.

24 January

Receives a gold medal from the King of Sweden (order of merit with portrait of Carl XIV).

January-February: (presumably)

Release of Eines Dichters Bazar (A Poet's Bazaar), translated by W.C. Christiani for the publisher Edvard Kummer in Leipzig. Concerning this release, HCA says in a letter to Lorck dated 9th April 1847: "as Christianis is, not a single page is acceptable".
The book is also published by Vieweg und Sohn in Braunschweig (translated by N.C.L. Abrahams, professor of German at the University of Copenhagen). Vieweg und Sohn include the book in a new project; within the framework of a new series, titled "Bibliotek ausguwählter Romane des Auslandes", they commence an edition of HCA's Sämmtliche Werke (Collected Works), which is later renamed Sämmtlichen Schriften (Collected Writings). The project is terminated in 1846 - although two editions are released - and includes only A Poet's Bazaar, The Improvisatore and Only a Fiddler!

30 January

Departure from Copenhagen. The trip is via Årøsund and Itzehoe to Breitenburg.

2nd - 19th February

Staying with Rantzau at Breiternburg:

"My accommodation here is excellent, I have a comfortable lounge containing some marvellous copperplate engravings, a couple of armchairs, a sofa and a fine tiled stove, a cosy bedroom with carpeting and good service. At 9 I drink my coffee here in my room, at 12 we have lunch together, dinner is at 4.30 and tea at 8. After this, Mr Timmermann reads aloud from Fjelding's Thom-Jones; Each morning I walk for an hour in the garden and along the Støren, the water is very high at the moment, covering all the meadows"
(letter, 4th February to Edvard Collin).

20 February

Departs for Hamburg, where he stays with Count Julius Holck. During his stay here he contacts Otto Spekter the black and white artist, and discusses with him the idea of an illustrated version of the fairy-tales.

25 February

Departure for Hamburg via Bremen and Münster to Düsseldorf. Continues from here to Cologne. Departs Cologne headed for Aachen. From Aachen to Liege and from here by train to Brussels (arrival 3rd March).

7 March

Departure from Brussels by train to Mons. From here, on to Paris by Coach.

8th March - 8th April

Staying in Paris. Amongst the Danes present here, he associates with e.g. Frederik Læssøe (Captain, fell at Isted), Orla Lehman and A.F. Krieger, both politicians. HCA and Lehman agree to see more of each other at home in Copenhagen than they had previously. Also associates with Marmier, Alexandre Dumas senior and visits Heinrich Heine (26th March, 6th April and 5th May). Heine has read The Improvisatore and describes HCA as "ein wahrer Dichter" (a true writer).
Together with Dumas, HCA visits the actress Rachel, back stage, and later sees her acting. Attends an evening party held by her on 27th April. Visits Victor Hugo (10th April and 30th April) who he finds has aged greatly since he last visited him 10 years earlier. Visits Kalkbrenner, a pianist, and David, a sculptor (twice; on the 2nd visit David gives him some copperplate engravings portraying some of his works). Also visit the writers Alfred de Vigny (twice) and Lamartine. Purchases music in Paris to bring home to the Music Society.

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