From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


11 November

Release of Nye Eventyr. 1. Samling. (New Tales, 1st Installment) This includes: "Engelen" (The Angel), "Nattergalen" (The Nightingale), "Kjærestefolkene" (The Sweethearts), "Den grimme Ælling" (The Ugly Duckling). The first edition, consisting of 850 copies, was immediately sold out. The second edition, also 850 copies, came out in December of the same year. A third edition was printed in 1847. HCA comments on the booklet of fairy-tales in a letter dated 10th December 1843:

"These fairy-tales have met with great approval. None of my other books have been such a source of joy. All the magazines praise them, everyone reads them, and not borrowed from the neighbour's neighbour, but bought! I am now being recognised as the leading writer of fairy-tales - in short, on this occasion I have every reason to be content with my readers! This is most pleasing. It is good to have a little fame in store for wear and tear, for the time will surely come when I am once again adrift on stormy seas. Then at least I will have a piece of wood to keep me afloat". The same subject is taken up once more in a letter to the same person on 18th December: "The book is selling like hotcakes!, all magazines praise it and everyone is reading it! None of my other books seem to be as treasured as these fairy-tales!"

17 November

Departs for Nysø (arrival on 18th), where Thorvaldsen is. Goes on trips to Jungshoved and Lindersvold. At this time, HCA becomes more and more absorbed in his relationship with Baron Henrik Stampe, a law student and son of the occupier of Nysø Estate. HCA had "inherited" him, so to speak, from Jette Wulff, while she was travelling to Portugal to visit the O'Neill brothers.

5 December

Returns to Copenhagen.

11 December

HCA and Henrik Stampe agree to address each other informally, i.e. to discard the formal 2nd person pronoun "De", in favour of the informal "du".

20 December

20th December:
Nye Eventyr (New Tales) is sold out.

21 December

Takes the day-coach to Køge. Is collected from here and brought to Bregentved. Returns to Copenhagen on 30th .

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