From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Getting to Know P.L.Møller

30 June

Summer journey to estates on Sealand and Funen. Stays at Gisselfeldt, Bregentved, then returns to Gisselfeldt, where HCA is introduced to the ducal family of Augustenburg (Christian August and Louise Amalie, she being née Danneskiold-Samsøe from Gisselfeldt, with daugthers Louise Augusta and Caroline Amalie). The ducal couple invite him to visit them at Augustenborg.
Outings to Jomfruens Egede, Turebyholm, Holmegaard's Glassworks, Vemmetofte and Vallø. Regarding the first stay at Gisselfeldt, HCA tells Edvard Collin in a letter dated 2nd July:

"I have been given a nice, sunny room on the ground floor with a beautiful view, service fit for a king. In the evenings, when the butler [...] has lit my room he even says "most humbly good night".

Receives a letter at Gisselfeldt Estate (12th July) containing a ring from the king. It is a diamond ring with a ruby in the middle, surrounded by small diamonds. During the days spent at Bregentved Estate, he feels as though he is enclosed within the fairy world of The Blue Grotto, where criticism from the outside world can touch him only lightly. Is otherwise afflicted at this time both with toothache and with sexual worries. Concerning the latter, he writes on 11th July in his diary:

"in a sensuous mood, a passion in the blood which is almost animal-like, a mad yearning for a woman to kiss and hold, just as I felt down south".

The summer journey contninues to Glorup Estate on Funen and from here a visit to Rygaard, the neighbouring farm. Also outings to Lykkesholm, Egeskov, Hesselagergård and Broholm Estates.

4 July

Summer première at the theatre of HCA's. Fuglen i Pæretræet, dramatisk Spøg i I Akt med Chor og Sange (The Pear Tree Bird, Dramatic Jest in I Act with Choir and Songs) (the play is based on a story by Rosa Maria, music by Edv. Helsted). 6 performances during HCA's life. Is first printed in its entirety in Collected Works vol.11. (Samlede Skrifter bd. 11.)

23 August

Day trip to Odense from Glorup Estate.

25th - 29th August

At Sorø with the Ingemanns.

29 August

Travels with the Hauchs to Roskilde, where he visits Weyse (who dies 8th October). From here, on to Copenhagen.

30 September

Receives a visit from Karen, his half-sister. Gives her 1 rdl.

1842: Getting to Know P.L.Møller

Autumn 1842

A booklet is published in Sweden titled Äfwentyr berättade för Barn (Tales, Told for Children) (anonymous translator).

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