From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:




Spends time in Rome with, amongst others, the painters Martinus Rørbye, Constantin Hansen and Albert Kuchler. Visits Thorvaldsen's studio, where one of his students continues to work. Much of the stay in Rome is spoiled by bad weather, toothache and bad news from home (eg. Heiberg's ridicule of HCA).

2 February

Is awarded a travel grant of 600 rdl. HCA had hoped for 800, so as to be able to continue the journey.

7 February

The long awaited fellow poet, H.P. Holst, arrives.

11-12th February

Accomparies Holst and the theologist Conrad Rothe to Tivoli, where they see the fountains by torchlight.

13th - 23rd February

HCA experiences the carnival in Rome.

19 February

The painter Ernst Meyer paints HCA for his album. Meyer later paints a watercolour of HCA wearing travelling clothes (cape, hat and cane).

25 February

Departure from Rome with H.P.Holst and the theologian Conrad Rothe. They travel via Cisterne, Terracina, Mola di Gaëta and Sant' Agata to Naples.

28th February - 15th March

Staying in Naples, with an excursion to Herculanum on 8th March.

1841: Athens

15 March

Departure from Naples on the steam-ship Leonidas. Destination: Athens.

17 March

Arrival at Malta.

18 March

On from Malta via Syra (where HCA boards the steamship Lykurg) then on through Pireus (in quarantine here) to Athens.

22 March

The Mulatto, translated to Swedish by E.W.Djurström and now titled Mulatorna, is performed for the first time at Kungliga Teatern in Stockholm. 10 performances in total.

24 March

Arrival in Athens. Visits e.g. the architect brothers, Christian and Theopolis Hansen, who show HCA around. Christian Hansen had arrived in Athens in 1822 and was ordained royal architect in 1834 by King Otto. Theopolis had arrived in Athens in 1838. Christian Hansen shows HCA his university building (26th March) and later draws HCA (1st April and 7-8th April).

28th and 31st March

Outing to Kolonnos and Pireus.

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