From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


First Official Portrait of HCA

1833: First Official Portrait of HCA

1 January

Louise Collin is engaged to W. Lind, who is a prosecutor in military or railway matters, (they are married in 1840). HCA is, at this time, suffering from a period of depression. On 16th February he writes to Henriette Wulff:

"There are pages in the diary of the heart which are so thoroughly stuck together that only Our Lord can open them up, and no matter how candid I otherwise may be, there are sorrows the cause of which I am not able to illuminate; it lies within a feeling buried inside me, which I can not name! I have been a child right until I was beyond youth. I have never really experienced youth! I feel a desperate need for this; a desire to free myself from whims and habits and to enjoy life as a sensible person. There is so much I wish to forget, in order to learn something of more worth, but the game of dice is drawn out at length"[the latter is a reference to the decision concerning the travel grant].

January - April: (presumably)

The painter Adam August Müller paints HCA. It is the first professional portrait of HCA.

4 March

Publication of "Morgenblatt für gebildete Stände"(Morning Paper for the Cultured Estates) including a presentation of HCA by Chamisso, as well as 3 poems translated by Chamisso ("The Soldier" ("Der Soldat"), "Dream of Mother" ("Muttertraum") and "A Moment in March" ("Märtsveilchen"). Robert Schumann composes music to accompany these poems.) After his visit to Berlin, HCA had given Chamisso a copy of Phantasier og Skisser (Fantasies and Sketches).

13 March

Is allocated a travel grant, by royal order, from the fund ad usus publicos (600 rdl. pr. year for two years, also receives an added grant of 200 rdl. at a later date). HCA had written to Henriette Wulff the month before (16th) saying:

"I am convinced that unless I am torn away from my momentary surroundings, I will amount to nothing; I shall perish if I am to remain here!"

28 March

Release of The 16 Year-Old Queen. A Drama in Two Acts, translated from Bayard's "La reine de seize ans"(Dronningen paa 16 aar. Drama i to Acter, oversat efter Bayards "La reine de seize ans). Published as no. 47 in the Royal Theatre's repertoire, part 2.

29 March

First performance of Dronningen paa 16 Aar (The Sixteen Year-old Queen). The play is staged a total of 44 times during HCA's life.

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