From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


Death of Mother

14 August

Visits the writer Victor Hugo, an exponent of French "romanticism", which, along with related influences from England and Germany, has a significant impact on Danish literature in the 1830's, including the work of HCA.
On this day, sends home part one of Agnete og Havmanden (Agnete and the Merman).

15 August

From Paris via the Swiss border to Geneva, where HCA arrives 19th August.

20 August

Release of Samlede Digte (Collected Poems). This includes the chapters: "Elegiac Poems", "Romances and Descriptive Poems", "Assorted Poems", "Humorous Poems", "Genre Paintings"and ""Comic Tales". 158 poems in total.

22 August

From Geneva via Lake Genfer to Lausanne, Neuchatel and Le Locle. Stays with the Houriet family in Le Locle from 25th August to 14th September ("In this house there are two elderly sisters, old maids, they make quite a fuss of me, embroidering my hose, darning the holes from Paris, and giving me flowers and jam!". They are the sisters of Urban Jürgensen's widow at home, as HCA mentions in a letter to Signe Læssøe dated 12th September).
Completes Agnete and The Merman, and sends part 2 home on 12th September.

24 August

In honour of Oehlenschläger's visit to Göteborg, the newspaper Göteborg Dagblad prints a new translation of HCA's "Det Døende Barn"(The Dying Child), but incorrectly attributed to Oehlenschläger! The title is: "The Dying Child, by Oehlenschläger".

1833: Death of Mother

15 September

On to Milan, Genoa, Rapallo, Pisa, Livorno and Pisa once more (7th October).

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