From the Hans Christian Andersen biography "The Life of Hans Christian Andersen. Day By Day", written by DPhil Johan de Mylius:


12 July

The poem "Til min Moder" (To My Mother) (dated 1823) is printed in Repertorium for Moerskabslæsning, published by A.P. Liunge.

21 August

"Skjærmbræts-Billeder" (Folding Screen Pictures) (five poems) are printed in Kjøbenhavns-Posten. No. 1 is "Moderen med Barnet" (Mother and Child) ("Hist hvor Vejen slaaer en Bugt" (Yonder Where The Road Curves).

Summer 1829

Reads Heine together with law student Orla Lehmann (who later became leader of the Liberals), who HCA got to know through Fritz Petit.

30th June - 16th August

HCA goes on a summer journey. Takes the steamship Caledonia to Kallehave. Describes the ship as:

"the first steamship seen in our waters; it was cruelly taunted by the crew of every barge and named 'Splashing Malene'"(from The Fairy Tale of My Life (Mit Livs Eventyr)).

Then it's off to Møn, where he visits Anna, the sister of Laura Tønder-Lund, and her husband, Pastor P.N. Møller Holst at Hjertebjerg. From here, on 2nd June, it's on to Petersgaard, between Kallehave and Vordingborg, where he visits Henriette (Jette) Wulff's uncle, Commander Captain Christian Wulff.
Continues on through Vordingborg, Næstved and Slagelse to Funen; stays with Madame Iversen, the printer's widow, at the country house Marieshøj at Tolderlund (the country house is usually simply referred to by the location, Tolderlund) from 5th July for three weeks. Visits his mother in Odense during this time. Stays for a short time at Elvedgård on North Funen with the historian Vedel Simonsen;
On the return journey he stays with the sons of Jonas Collin at Nørager, Tissø (from approx. 27th July) upon the invitation of the owner, Counsellor Claus Christian Bang, a brother of Niels Hofman-Bang at Hofmansgave.

16 August

Return to Copenhagen.

17th and 18th September

HCA's "Brudstykke af en Udflugt i Sommeren 1829. - Odense og dens Omegn" (Extracts from an Expedition in the Summer of 1829 - Odense and Surroundings) is published in Kjøbenhavnsposten (The Copenhagen Post).

18 September

HCA reads all of F.C. Sibbern's psychological work - it must be his book Psychological Pathology from 1828, reprinted in 1885 with the title Læren om de menneskelige Følelser og Lidenskaber (The Science of Human Feelings and Passions). With this work in mind, on the night between 18th and 19th, HCA writes the poem "Døds-Øieblikket"(The Moment of Death), which is printed in Kjøbenhavnsposten (The Copenhagen Post) on 24th September.
A part of the poem reads as follows, here cited in a letter to Edvard Collin dated 19th:

"Within the stellar systems, within the most minuscule of earthly matter
I see divine thought for which words are lacking.
An eternity I observe in everything, even in my breast,
And all mist sinks below the earth's familiar coast" [...]
Oh could we but only see, down here, others as clearly
as we see ourselves, then no harm would be done! [...] -
I am so light, so blissful, so purified in my faith,
I feel a need to battle and strive, and yet a heavenly peace".

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